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How To Build An Opt In List And Your Business

By Dencho Denchev

In any kind of business, marketing is such an important tool
in the growth and development of a business or any kind of
financial venture.

For this reason, even with the technology that covers
online businesses, still, it need highly revolutionized and
very effective marketing strategy in order to boost their
productivity and sales.

Basically, since the advent of the Internet, people started
to flock this new medium of information without even
knowing its fundamental principles, how it works, things
that are needed to survive in it, etc. Many people
literally bombarded the Internet thinking that life would
be a lot easier if they will invest on online businesses.

Indeed, it is a well-known fact that you can find money
online, but only for those who know their way around and
employ the best marketing strategy there is online.

What people do not know is that online marketing does not
have to be very complicated. It just needs the right stuff
to keep you going.

Take for example the use of mailing list, particularly opt
in list. Before, no one ever dare to use opt in list
thinking that it will not do any good for their business.
Most entrepreneurs think that building an opt in list is
just a waste of time and money. What they do not know is
that, according to the "golden rule of the Internet," money
is in the list.

It has probably been mentioned before, and is worth
mentioning again, money is really in the list.

Why? Because with opt in lists, you get to keep your readers
on the hook by providing them with information, promotion,
and other campaigns in order to entice them to buy again
from you.

Basically, opt in lists are lists of email addresses of
customers with their consent. This means that after the
customer had closed the transaction in a particular web
site, there is an option on whether or not they wish to
subscribe to the mailing list of the online business for
any future promotions, newsletters, or campaigns that they
would like to be informed of.

And because it is an option, the customers are not compelled
to provide their email addresses to the web site. Plus, the
web site owners will not be accused of spamming because
emails that will be sent to the customers have the consent
of the customer.

Creating an opt in list can be very beneficial to your site.
In fact, it has been proven that in the two-step concept
of selling, follow-ups are important to sustain the
interest of the consumers. The other step is to obtain the
interest of the buyer.

Hence, in order to sustain the interest of your buying
public, it is best to create an opt in list so that you can
always give your buyers the chance to remember your
products, your business, and your services, in which they
have been satisfied with.

To know more of the advantages of creating an opt in list
for your business; here is a list that would tell you the
reasons why it is beneficial.

1. Opt in lists are the business' most valuable asset

If you were to ask the owners of some online business about
their most valuable asset, they will tell you that it is
their opt in list. This is because opt in lists are
customers' lists that can provide higher probability sales
in a more consistent and stable condition. Because with opt
in lists, all you have to do is to follow up orders or
sales through promotions and ad campaigns.

2. It is always available

The best thing about opt in list is that it never grows old.
As long as your customer needs something to survive, your
contact with them will never grow old. This means that you
can always have a fresh, new transaction wit them every
time you inform them that you have new products or
services. Every transaction is a new way of increasing your
sales. Simply put, no opt in list = no sales (at the most).

3. Bigger opt in list would mean bigger profits

The more customer's names and email addresses you have on
your list, the more chances you have in increasing your
online sales. Every name, every email address can be worth
a hundred dollars that can be accumulated with each

Hence, the bigger your list, the more money you will have.

Boiled down, opt in lists are not just ordinary mailing
lists. It is the very core of an online business' existence
and survival. That is why for people who value most their
businesses, they extend the same value they give to their
opt in list. No wonder why most people regard it as the
best partnership available online.
About the Author
Dencho Denchev understand that email marketing is one of the
most effective marketing methods. Communicate with prospects
and cultivate your list without perfect autoresponder is
impossible. That is why he is created for everyone:

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