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Gas jobs: a variety of options

By Rick Martin

Online or not, the array of existing gas industry recruiters will simply take your breath away with the many employment opportunities they advertise. Of course, a gas job sounds like a marvelous idea, the more that you consider that most of the vacant places are nicely remunerated. So you think: "OK, no problem about the wages, but I just cannot decide on what kind of position suits me best. If only I had several more details about the general requirements of gas jobs!" While detailed information about the work conditions and other descriptive data can only be offered by each employer, here we offer you the chance to look deeper into the general tasks workers are expected to fulfill for certain gas jobs.

Let's say that you will have to work directly on the oil field (from where natural gas can also be extracted) or on the natural gas field. A gas job like a logging geologist sounds OK, but what needs to be done more precisely? Generally, logging geologists are very much needed for the gathering and supervising of the data and evolution of the drilling operations. If they are on an oil field, mudloggers (as logging geologists are also called) also need to examine oil samples.

As a rule, mudloggers gather, process and register different samples from the wellsite. Of course, their tasks don't end here. After having been registered, the samples (geological samples) are being thoroughly examined with the help of specific laboratory equipment (microscopes, various fluorescence instruments such as UV fluorescent lamps, UV fluorescent dyes). During the examination, the data are scanned and processed in search for gas evidences. But mudlogging is a gas job with many more facets, since mudloggers are also required to supervise and evaluate drilling stages and offer their conclusions to the drilling team. The data they analyze need to be interpreted with the maximum accuracy, since, after having transmitted the information to the drilling team, they are taking it as a certain and safe to use background for their following actions. Also, this is a gas job that will use a lot of computer monitoring; each of drilling operations we mentioned earlier is monitored on site as well, but most of the supervising is done on a computer basis.

Moreover, during core extraction operations, mudloggers are expected to accompany the geologists at the wellsite, since there is need of their analysis and evaluation skills. In addition, on the basis of on site and computer analyses, a mudlogger should be able to provide warning signals for potentially perilous operations. However, this particular gas job asks even more from the employee. He also has to assemble and compare the data obtained during drilling operations, and then incorporate the necessary information and his own conclusions on the development of these operations in the computer databases of the gas company. OK, so we've enumerated quite a list of things to do, but they are not intended to scare you away, only to provide you a more detailed insight into what you are supposed to do. If the requirements of such a job don't fit you, you could consider other more or less similar gas jobs (similar to the description we have made for the logging geologist), such as a drilling engineer, a wellsite geologist or a geophysical data processor. Their requirements are more or less the same as those for a mudlogger.

But maybe you are not interested in such an on site workplace. Maybe gas jobs truly attract you, but you would be more interested in the branches with a more explicit connection with the customers/consumers. You know that such jobs are also nicely paid, and you think you possess the knowledge and skill to handle them satisfactorily, i.e. as professionally as you are expected to. Therefore, you could try one of the gas jobs in the management sphere. It is likely that a gas job such as a logistics manager fits you better. Generally, a logistics manager manages (what else can he do?) every operation required by the accurate delivery of gas to customers/consumers. This means that, on a frequent basis, he establishes contacts with the gas suppliers, with the producers, with the gas marketers and, of course, with the customer/consumer.

In other words, what we're looking for with the ideal logistics manager is the awareness and the ability to render sure customer/consumer satisfaction. As a result, schedules will form the key notion in the description of this job. More precisely, there will be delivery schedules which have to be thoroughly obeyed, in the case where you do aim at satisfying the end users of your products. There is also a programming of transportation and of control of the stock, needed to make sure the delivery operations develop safely and on time.

A logistics manager also has to be able to design improvement projects, in order to speed up the delivery operations or to bring an upgrade to transportation or warehouse issues which may be unsatisfactory. If improvement projects are plausible and feasible, then it is still the manager's duty to find the best ways to apply them. For this, he may need to embark on rounds of negotiations with both gas suppliers and gas consumers. Therefore, negotiation/communication skills are a must. In the end, a logistics manager is simply expected to act on a multitask basis: analysis, design, improvement, negotiation, decision, these are, in ample lines, the main features of such a gas job. Similar gas jobs are found in options such as production manager, retail manager, cash and carry manager.

What we described here stands for nothing but a few of the gas jobs available. There are other jobs, such as environmental managers, health and safety advisers, and quality assurance managers, which will deal with health and environment issues. The point is, that no matter your skill field, the gas industry is certain to offer one job to fit you… of course, as long as you can meet the job requirements.

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About the Author
A gas job is an occupation that could bring you considerable wages. However, no matter how many gas jobs are there, the required level of knowledge and skill could prove quite demanding… which should not be an impediment for the man determined to make a career.

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