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Is There a Waterproof Solar Charger?

By Mike Jerry

Many people using solar chargers want to know if there is a waterproof solar charger available. Most of these people who like to use their solar chargers while at the beach are afraid that the water splashing around will ruin their chargers. Solar chargers are very durable and most can withstand the normal splashing that occurs at the beach.

The sun power that is used to operate a solar charger is a great way for people at the beach to keep their electrical devices running. Because solar chargers are meant to be used outside, they are naturally waterproof. They are made to withstand rain and other natural weather that may occur around them.

Weatherproof solar chargers are easy to find, the actual concern is more for the devices you are going to be charging with your solar energy charger. Most electrical devices that you will be charging with your charger are not weatherproof or waterproof at all. So even though your solar charger may be able to withstand a little water being splashed on it, that does not mean that your cell phone will be equally capable of operating in those watery conditions.

It is extremely important to keep all your electrical devices out of any water. Most devices will be ruined with very little water coming into contact with them. For those people who like to use their solar chargers at the beach, this can present a huge dilemma. They want to use a solar charger while relaxing at the beach, but they do not want to risk ruining their expensive electrical devices.

A simple solution is to remain far enough away from the water that you will not risk getting your device wet. You can also use an umbrella or other shading device to keep your electronics out of the weather in case it suddenly starts to rain. Just remember if you are using an umbrella to make sure and put your solar charger in the sunlight. If your charger is not in full sunlight, it will take much longer to charger your batteries or other devices.

Another solution for people who are afraid of water getting to their electrical devices is that they can put them in a plastic bag and only have the cord of the solar charger coming in through a small opening. This will protect the electronic device while still allowing it to be charged. This is a great option for sitting around the pool or at the beach. If the weather gets really bad, you should consider just packing everything up and heading for cover.

Solar chargers are very durable and can withstand most weather related conditions. It may still be necessary to remove your portable solar chargers from the weather if it is very stormy or windy out. A little rain should not bother them. Just make sure you have taken care of the devices you were charging because they are much more susceptible to rain and water damage than a solar charger is.

About the Author
The solar charger is the hottest technology item on the market today. For helpful articles and information sources on why and what to look for when getting yours, please visit us at: Solar Charger Tips!

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