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Buying Cell Phone Accessories Online? 5 Tips to Shop Smart

By John Hooley

How many times have you strolled through the mall and been "attacked" by one of the cell phone kiosks' employees trying to shove a cell phone down your throat? Do you really want to support this type of annoying sales pitch by buying a mobile phone from them? And what about accessories- do you want to feel pressured into purchasing something for your phone that you know you don't need? For these reasons (among many others), buying cell phones and accompanying accessories online is quickly becoming the next big wave, so we've crafted the top five tips (in no specific order) to help you shop smart on the World Wide Web. Make sure to find a site with:

1) A Wide Variety of Brand Name and Generic Accessories- While the latest accessories always arrive in brand name form first, many of the best cell phone add-ons are available in a generic form at a significantly lower cost to you.

2) A Price Guarantee- Have you ever bought something after shopping around for a while only to find the exact same item at another store for less money? It's annoying, to say the least, so check to make sure that the online store you purchase from has some sort of price protection or guarantee. It will help to ease your mind, whether you have to use it or not.

3) Free Shipping- Not for every purchase, but at a reasonable purchase level your shipping should be covered by the online store. You should never buy $50 worth of products and have to pay $10 or $15 in shipping charges. Saving that amount in shipping fees is worth being hassled at the mall.

4) Fast Service- If you order your products today, why should you have to wait a week for it to be shipped to you? Allow a reasonable amount of time (under 3 days) for your purchase to be on its way to your front door.

5) A Privacy Policy-All payment and personal information needs to be protected, and it's up to the ecommerce site to do so. Their privacy policy should be accessible from their website's homepage on the World Wide Web for all potential customers to see.

As a reminder, the employees of cell phone shops and kiosks are paid on a commission basis. During certain promotions, they are paid at a higher rate when you buy certain products, so they will obviously try to sell you these phones and accessories over ones they don't make as much money on. How can you really be sure that what they're selling you is what you actually need? By shopping online, you'll get the plain truth about each phone and service with accurate descriptions in writing before you buy.
About the Author
John Hooley recommends that you visit for more information on shopping for cell phone accessories.

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