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What are 800 Numbers?

By Jatin Chawla

A Freephone telephone number is available in almost every country in world. It is a special number where the caller is not charged by the service provider. It is also called as a toll-free number or 800 Number in North America. In Australia, this number is also referred as Freecall number.

The called party pays for this call which depends of number of factors like amount of usage, the number experiences, the cost of the trunk lines to the facility and possibly a monthly flat rate service charge. Usually, government services are linked with toll free numbers and also some big companies provide toll free numbers as a support for their customers. You can also get a toll free number for your residence of cell phone.

The called party recovers these charges in the following ways:

They might charge the customers for providing technical support.
They can generate sale out of this call.
There sales might have increased with the inclusion of this toll free service.

Toll free numbers are also referred as 800 Numbers in North America because of their numbering system. One had to dial these numbers after the original area code. Some of the area codes that had to be dialed were code numbers were 800, 888 (since 1995). Code number 877 (since 1997), code number 866 was included in the year 2000. Also, there were other numbers like 855, 844, 833 and 822 which are not yet active but are reserved.

There is a difference in the way we use a normal telephone number and the way we use a toll free number. The general way of writing a telephone number is "+" sign attached with the country code, followed by area code and then the local number, for example: +1 (666) 123-1234. But, when we use a toll free number which are not accessible from other countries, we should eliminate the "+" sign and the round brackets, for example: 1-800-123-1234.

About the Author
Jatin Chawla is a freelance journalist. Jatin writes for, offering the latest information on 800 Number Directory .

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