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Goal Setting - Is It A Road Map To Nowhere?

By Brian M. Ellsworth

Goal setting, is it a road map to nowhere, or a road map to success?

Now, I'm not going to try to define what success is; everyone has their own opinion, but...

Every person that I consider successful, has clearly defined written goals.

Here's some staggering news; only about 5% of the population has written goals, a number that correlates quite closely to the number of individuals that are considered extremely successful.

Therefore, it begs to question, why do successful people have written goals?

This is what successful people have told me...

Without written goals, you'll lack focus.

A sure way to get nowhere.

Written goals are your road map, helping you...

Visualize Your Goals

Who am I doing this for?
What am I really trying to do?
Where do I want this to take me?
Why am I doing this?
When do I want to get there?
How will I get there?

Create Time For Your Goals

Use a step-by-step approach to time management by breaking your goals down into small doable chunks.

Give yourself a date for completion of each task, thus allowing you to measure your success.

Say no to anything that destracts you from your goals.

Identify Your Obstacles

Obstacles to your success will become much clearer, when seen as small doable snapshots; instead of, the overwhelming big picture.

Once you can identify obstacles and experience the success of overcoming them, your confidence will soar.

You will learn all obstacles are just a set of smaller obstacles you can overcome.

Gain Knowledge

Knowledge gained as you identify your goals and break down barriers will, build confidence, open undiscovered opportunities, and much more.

Turn To Experts

Come to the realization that you can't do it all alone.

Get the help you need.

In closing, clearly defined, measurable goals are your road map to what you consider success.

As you achieve more success, your goals will change to include bigger goals, bigger obstacles, BIGGER SUCCESS.


The moment you start believing you've accomplished all your goals, will be the moment, you become stagnant and unsuccessful.

Make life a road trip with a destination that you never reach; follow a road map to nowhere.

Your biggest goal should be to passionately pursue life and all it has to offer, always wanting more.

In simple terms:

May you find success following a road map to nowhere; instead of getting nowhere, because you have no road map to success.

Invest in your dreams, invest in yourself.

Write down clear, concise, goals that you can measure.

This will be your road map that propels you to success and nowhere all at the same time.

Sure you can continue to do what you've always done, probable with the same results; the choice is yours!

Well written goals or the same ole, same ole.

Only you can determine the life style you'll have.

Copyright 2006, Brian M. Ellsworth


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About the Author
Brian M. Ellsworth
Live the life of your dreams.

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