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My Phone Bills Are Going Trough The Roof!

By Ronny Kloppenborg

Have you just about had it with the phone bills your daughter manages to draw up every month? Are you lonesome, but cannot call your mom who lives on the other end of the country just so you don't have to regret paying for it when time comes? Surely, you must have taken a hundred measures to keep your telephone bills down and somehow they seem to climb up every month, nonetheless, don't they?

Well if it is any comfort to you, you should probably know that your problem isn't in the least bit unique. Thousands of people from all over the country suffer from the plague that is politely called the 'Telephone Bill' each month. And nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to help them cure them of the dreadful disease.

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Let's face it, communication is important to all of us. Where would we be if we didn't spend that special time in the evening chatting with our girlfriends about the latest episode of our favorite soaps? How would we get our lives in order without ordering a hot steaming pizza every time we sat down to watch the game? How would our kids fake the stomachache before going to school if they weren't sure of getting the lowdown about the latest happenings and getting the homework done later that night over the phone? Accept it, modern American life can't go a step further without the telephone and yet the same necessity becomes a rather humongous burden at the end of each month.

But don't worry, technology thrives to solve everyday problems with a simple click of buttons. Presenting AdCall, it is mankind's answer to the infallible black curse of the monthly telephone bill!

AdCall is a revolutionary new dialer software, which can be downloaded off the net for absolutely ZILCH amount of money and can be used to make phone calls to landlines from all over the USA and Canada…. right from your COMPUTER!
All this for no cost at all. Yes, you heard it right, NO COST at all! AdCall has NO monthly cost, NO connection fee, and it is completely FREE for all users. And that's not all. If you have been aching to make that long distance call to your dear friend living in Europe, but have been hesitant trying to calculate how much it would cost you, stop counting and make that call right through your PC. If your friend has AdCall too, even your intercontinental call will be absolutely FREE!

SO, what are you waiting for huh? What other reasons do you need in order to be persuaded into downloading the dialer today? Go on, get your dialer today and make those long overdue calls to all your loved ones…. this time without creasing your forehead!

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Best Regards,

Ronny Kloppenborg.
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Ronny Kloppenborg

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