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Valuable Audio Resources for Teachers

By Jillian Gregory

Are you a first year teacher? Have you taught in the past and are returning to the classroom? Do you crave knowledge about specific tips and tricks that will help your school year run smoothly? You might be brand new to the education scene or have a few years of teaching under your belt. Either way you can learn from teachers, professors, and educators with years of experience in the field of education through audio books.

After grading papers and reading all day long, your eyes may be fatigued. Give your eyes a rest and listen to educational strategy books instead. You can curl up on the couch to listen or learn while commuting home from school. The extra knowledge you can garner from listening to these audio resources is valuable and will affect your teaching in a positive manner.

What audio books should you check out? If you are a first year teacher then you definitely want to listen to "The Essential 55" by Ron Clark and "Educating Esme" by Esme Raji Codell. The Essential 55 discusses 55 rules that Ron Clark employs in his classroom to great success. Every teacher should be aware of these rules as they will make their teaching experience enjoyable and effective. The rules range from having students properly follow classroom protocols to standing up for what you believe in. He also provides tips for dealing with parents and discipline issues, both of which are a recurring theme in teaching.

In addition, you will want to listen to Educating Esme before your first year of teaching. Many new teachers are excited, but nervous at the same time. Educating Esme provides a hilarious account of a teacher's first year. Take comfort in the joys, successes, and setbacks that Esme endures during her first year of teaching. This audio book will help inexperienced teachers feel like they are not alone.

Psychology plays an important role in education. You need to understand the needs of each child and fill those needs appropriately. Spend some time listening to "The Education of Children" by Alfred Adler. This timeless book provides insight on personality, social development, and the role of the parent.

Other great audio books to check out are "The Closing of the American Mind" by Allan Bloom, "Cultural Literacy" by E.D. Hirsch, Jr., and "Dangerous Minds" by LouAnne Johnson. You might have seen the movie Dangerous Minds in the 1990's. Listening to the audio version, with a focus on teaching, will help you succeed in a difficult classroom. By adding these audio books to your listening library, you will cover social issues in education that are hot beds of debate today.

You have stocked your classroom with the basics such as pencils, paper, and textbooks. Now it is time to take your supplies a step further by listening to these entertaining education titles. They are a resource that will prove immensely useful in your classroom experience.
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Jillian Gregory writes for, an online portal for educational and self-development audio and video material which can be found at For the HTML version of this article complete with links to the titles that were mentioned, please visit

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