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Survive in the Wilderness without Bringing Any Food

By James Smith

A little forethought and organization will payoff in a great memorable
adventure for that next outdoors excursion you may have planned.

The older liquid gas lanterns give off just as much light but you will have
to refill the tank with liquid gas and this can be messy as well as
dangerous if you are not careful. Both types of lanterns use mantels so be
sure to carry extras. Then you have the glorious Sunset and after that
why not get together with your neighboring campers for a story telling
session and singsong round the campfire. If you thought a Camping
Vacation would be 'roughing it' and 'hard work' then think again, yes it
will take some planning but that's half the fun and it won't be that much

Your chuck box can be a cardboard box with a lid or folding flaps. Put you
dry goods in to this box salt ,pepper, cereal, potatoes, and What ever
else you remove from the kitchen cupboard.

To make the most of the camping experience, it's important to consider
the weather before packing up the camper or travel trailer.

Horseback riding might be a fun and exciting option while visiting a
national park. Several parks offer gravel roads for horseback riding, certain
parks also have horse rentals and guided excursions available.

Most campers sleep in tents which are usually made from a waterproof
material like nylon. They can be erected almost anywhere and can be
carried in a small bag so that campers do not have to use a vehicle.
Where to go is the big decision. Some are lucky enough to live near
national parks.These are national parks because they are very special

Had it with the "rat race"? Got time off but not much cash to spend?
Losing touch with your family? Sounds like an old-fashioned campout is
just what you need.

3 Secrets to Survive in the Wilderness without Bringing Any Food

If you are trapped in the wilderness without any food, your chance for
survival is still high. Contrary to what most people believe, anybody can
survive in the wilderness even without food: that is because scientifically
speaking, the human body can survive life for more than a few weeks
without food.

Then again, the effects of having to prolong existence in the wilderness
without food can bring about psychological problems and may worsen
one's physical condition. No food intake for several weeks may cause a
person to become defenseless against viruses or other diseases, bad
temper, inability to think clearly, exhaustion, and may destabilize the
immune system. If prolonged, the body may develop diseases, which can
even cause death.

So it is important to find some ways to sustain the body's need for food.
Here are some tips on how to survive the wilderness without any food.

1. Be sure to equip yourself with skills

In order to survive in the wilderness, it is imperative that you know the
basic skills of fishing, hunting, and catching animals in order to survive. In
fact, experts say that survival in the wilderness is not actually a question
of survival since nature can provide man with his basic needs. Read online
consumer reviews on anything from backpacks, sleeping bags, tents,
camping furniture and anything else camping related you could think of.

Many campgrounds provide fun activities like pools, playgrounds, fishing or
recreational boating, so check your local listings to see what adventures lie

The only important thing is that the individual must know how to look for
food and how to identify the edible ones. Camping is relatively
inexpensive, often nostalgic, and gives campers a chance to really
appreciate their natural world.

Therefore in order to make sure that you have a pleasant camping
adventure, make sure that you are fully clothed against all odds.

Cross country skiing is a wonderful way to experience the parks wilderness
during the winter season. Snowshoeing trails may also be available in

Other things to bring candles will work if you do not have a flash light but
be very careful as a candle can start you tent bedding on fire and will
cause a forest fire so never leave a candle un attended.

Be sure the lantern you buy is weather proof. If you are camping in colder
weather the gas type of lanterns would be your best choice because not
only do they give of a bright light they also give off a fair amount of heat.
Never use the gas lanterns in the tent.

The thought of camping alone can be very intimidating, especially if you¡¯re
a woman. Ideally, it is not something recommended to women new to
camping. Some of the functions of these websites include being able to
search by state, campground, lake, or forest name. You can access maps
of each campground to see the layout of the grounds and how close
each site is to shower, bathrooms, playgrounds, beaches, etc... This
feature is great because you may choose which site you would like to
reserves and check for availability.

2. Learn how to start a fire even without a match

If you know how to do this, cooking food in the wilderness will never be a
problem. With fire, you can cook almost all of the edible things that you
can find. You do not even have to depend on canned foods because you
have nature's ¡°grilled¡± foods.

Besides, maintaining a fire will protect you from nature¡¯s harmful bacteria
that can be found in foods. So just to be on the safe side, it is best to
cook whatever edible things you can find in the wilderness before you eat

3. Prioritize water

As mentioned, food is not so important in order to survive in the
wilderness. What matters most is to have plenty of potable water. If you
are not sure of the water that you can get from the stream or river, you
can always boil it before drinking. Surveys show that almost 90% of
deaths in the wilderness are caused by dehydration.

Don't forget sunscreen, bug spray and hygiene items. Toilet paper and
paper towels are absolute necessities. Bring along some soap and
toothpaste, but leave the hair gel and makeup at home. Mother Nature
doesn't care what you look like. She just wants you to enjoy your stay.

Camping... a way of life!

More and more people are traveling these days for different reasons.
Some travel for adventure, some to be close to nature and some for just
a rejuvenating weekend getaway. A definite upcoming trend is more and
more people seeking untouched locales and wilderness.

Camping is a great way to enjoy amazing outdoors and be close to nature.
It is not just another holiday; it's a way of life. While camping out, one is
surrounded by nature and serenity. The experience might be missing
urban comforts that one is used to... but in return one gets to explore a
lot that is absolutely different from the usual city life.

In the hustle bustle of the fast paced life that we live in, we tend to lose
touch with our own selves. Camping is a wonderful way to get in touch
with one's inner self. More on Camping Outdoor.

Depending on where you will be staying you can also research the area
you will be visiting for information on bicycle rentals, kayak rentals and
lessons, and boating. There will be different outfitters available in the area
that may offer excursions and rentals through the park you are visiting.

Ventilation--It's better to face the tail of your tent into prevailing winds.
This will maximize air flow. Scrutinize the area--Check the area for sharp
objects that may damage your tent before setting up camp. Plan on
eating about as much while you're camping as you eat when you're at
home. If you're car camping and you have the extra space, it might not
hurt to take a little extra food; but if you're packing it in, every ounce
counts, especially on long hikes. Be sure not to under pack your camping
food ¨C the only thing longer than a 20-miler is a 20-miler when you¡¯re
hungry. Starving your body while doing rigorous exercise, like hiking, could
have adverse affects on your health.

Then once you purchase the tent, practice setting it up several times.
This will give you an idea of what tools you will need to take with you.
Doing this will also give you a great idea about the functionality and usage
for your tent. You may also need to take some spare parts for the tent
incase of breakage or damage to some parts.

The first Summer that I lived in Colorado provided me with an opportunity
to spend six weeks camping in the western Rocky Mountains, during June
and July. In preparation for a summer in the outdoors, I acquired an
eleven-year-old1985 Dodge Ramcharger, a model famous for its 4x4
capability and ruggedness. Conversion van camping doesn't give you the
luxury of life in an RV, nor the discomfort of sleeping in a tent. It can be
tough to safely heat a van at night, but it's cheap compared to an RV,
and you can go places they cannot. We spent more than 25 nights
sleeping in our conversion van last year.

Instead of going up to other campers and saying, ¡°Hi, I'm Kerry and I¡¯m
here by myself¡± ask questions like ¡°How can I contact you if I experience
a problem¡± or ¡°is this campground regularly patrolled?¡±Don't advertise you
are by yourself by finding campsites away from walking trails
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More on Outdoor Camping.

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