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How to Find Your Way Anywhere

By Viv James

A little forethought and organization will payoff in a great memorable
adventure for that next outdoors excursion you may have planned. The
older liquid gas lanterns give off just as much light but you will have to
refill the tank with liquid gas and this can be messy as well as dangerous if
you are not careful. Both types of lanterns use mantels so be sure to
carry extras.

Pack a variety of clothing and prepare to dress in layers if you have to.
You will need to pack a hat of some sort to protect you from the sun or
rain. Some type of rain gear would be advisable. You will need to take a
close look at what type of activities you will be doing on your trip. Lets
see first you will need some type of shelter a plastic trap 8 by 10 will make
a good tent some rope 50 ft will be lots the ? inch nylon rope will
work. Tie the rope between two trees and place the tarp over
the rope. Stake down each side of the tarp with screw driver
numbers need 6 to 8 I buy them at flea markets and garage

You are in danger of lightning if you can hear thunder,¡± states
Weaver. ¡°Seek shelter inside an enclosed structure; if that is not possible
squat low to the ground, with your feet close together and your head
between your knees.¡± Maintain minimal contact with the ground and do
not lie flat.

Whitewater rafting is one of the most unique and invigorating ways to
visit a parks backcountry. Some of the most incredible National Parks may
have river rafting excursions that travel through the park, the river rafting
is usually offered by various companies and outfitters. The only problem is
that camping in areas that are not designated for camping can cause
problems with the law. Many land owners do not wish campers to be on
their property and some nature reserves prohibit camping due to damage
it can cause to the environment.

More and more people are traveling these days for different reasons.
Some travel for adventure, some to be close to nature and some for just
a rejuvenating weekend getaway. Camping is a great way to enjoy the
outdoors and spend time getting reacquainted with your family. Great
family camping getaways are easy to plan and inexpensive vacation

How to Find Your Way Anywhere When There's No One to Ask for

Being lost is one thing that really gets nerve-racking, especially if there is
no one near to ask directions. But just as all problems have a solution,
there are things you can do to make your ordeal easier and find your right


With mobile phones, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) devices and
portable Internet devices you can always determine where you are and
find the way you are supposed to go. The mobile phone is the easiest
way, just call your friends or someone who has access to a map or the
Internet and ask them for directions. GPS on the other hand is free across
the country and can easily locate road maps and famous landmarks and
destinations. If you have devices that could access the Internet thru Wi-Fi
then it's time to log on and search for directions with online map

The Old Way

If in case you are not a "technophile" and prefer the old way of doing
things, there are still ways to get out of your situation. Like for instance a
compass would be handy. Just look at where you are and start heading
the direction you are supposed to go. If a compass is not available, just
remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

More on Camping Outdoors Tips at
There are many websites that cater to campers with information on
where to find the most affordable camp gear as well as the most popular
items to buy and use when camping.

Both sports demand having the proper equipment and knowledge for
safety reasons. Many National Parks offer established climbing routes that
will have a wide range of difficulty levels; usually no permits are needed,
unless an overnight stay in backcountry is involved. It is important to
check weather conditions beforehand and use caution, never climb alone.
They offer camp sites, cabins, or day use facilities in 43 states. The online
system allows you to search by state or campground, lake, or forest

The thought of camping alone can be very intimidating, especially if you¡¯re
a woman. Ideally, it is not something recommended to women new to
camping. If you are going to use candles you will have to be very careful
that you do not start a fire. Rememer that the hot wax of the candle can
burn you if you get it on your skin.

You will need ice to keep the frozen foods cool. Save up you milk
containers plastic works best wash out and fill ? full of water an place
in the freezer. When you have a few frozen containers you now
have the ice that will keep your food cold.

In the recent years, a lot of camping clothes are available in the
market to make you comfortable and protect you when you go
camping. Nevertheless, with the excess supply of camping
clothes you may get confused as to what kind of clothes are
right for you.

Camping is relatively inexpensive, often nostalgic, and gives
campers a chance to really appreciate their natural world.

If you are new to the camping experience, it's probably a good
idea to start out slow. Book a weekend campsite to get the feel
for the camping lifestyle.

Road signs are also important; every highway or town has signs
with arrows or directions on them. Just follow one sign until you
find someone you can ask for directions.

Buying a map also does the trick before going to an unfamiliar
place and familiarize yourself with the main highways and
avenues. Also look for famous landmarks, stores, and malls and
search for them when you get lost. The Internet is also a good
way to do your research.

Foreign Land

If you are lost in a place where people doesn't speak English, then
make sure have an English-Native Language translation dictionary or book.
Learn the words that are associated with directions like right, left, straight
ahead, I'm lost, etc. If the book is not available make sure you research
and learn the place you are going before you go.

The best way really to find your way in any place is to ask people for
directions; if there is no one around and you are really lost, then you will
have to try to find anyone you can to ask so that you can reach your
destination more easily. Don't expect to bring along your everyday
dinnerware and automatic coffeepot for your campout. Remember, you
will be roughing it, so pack accordingly. Bring plastic dishes and cutlery
that can be washed and reused, but won't break in transit.

Apart from being submerged in wilderness, an important component of
camping is the interaction with the localities, villagers and natives. These
native guides know the unexplored places, the less traveled paths, the
unknown facts, myths and stories about the locations.

It is a good idea to know what you should and should not do when
coming across animals. Parks often will have signs up if animals have been
sighted in the campground.

Avoid camping in low places--Air flow gets stagnant and typically moisture
settles more. Also, if it rains whilst your tent is up, there's a greater
chance of water collecting when you're camped in a low lying area. Lastly,
position your tent so that your head is uphill wherever you camp (seeing
as most locations are rarely ever flat). Get out and enjoy the great
outdoors. Whether you're camping, hiking, fishing, or just hanging out in
the woods for the day, with a little planning and by following these tips,
I¡¯m confident you and you're palate will have the experience of a lifetime.

When you know where you will be going you have to select the type of
shelter you will need. Are you sleeping in the open or using a tent? What
type of tent you select will have a direct impact on how comfortable and
dry you will be if it rains. You may need to get a tent with windows and
ventilation and waterproofing.

Just the thing for negotiating the wilds of the West Elk Mountains. I
cruised south from Glenwood Springs, turned short of the road to Aspen,
and passed the beehive coke ovens of Redstone to the town of Marble.
In some ways, Marble is a modern ghost town, with dirt roads and
weather-beaten cabins, but as it hosts a Post Office and fire department,
it retains its "living" status. Make your van into something that's useable
for you, especially if it's going to be your residence for days or weeks at a

Instead of going up to other campers and saying, ¡°Hi, I'm Kerry and I'm
here by myself¡± ask questions like ¡°How can I contact you if I experience
a problem¡± or ¡°is this campground regularly patrolled?¡±Don't advertise you
are by yourself by finding campsites away from walking trails
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More on Camping Outdoor.

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