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Survival Stories

By Henry James

A little forethought and organization will payoff in a great memorable
adventure for that next outdoors excursion you may have planned. All
campers will need some type of lantern gas, battery, or candle. Each one
has there pros and cons. To find out which will work for you here are a
few tips. Bring along some good sunscreen. Even in the winter time a
person can get a sun burn. You may want to get some type of bug
repellant also. Don't combine the sunscreen and bug repellant as
sunscreen may have to be used more frequently.

Take you deck chair to sit on if you have no chairs then when you get to
the camp site look for log blocks they make great chairs can be found at
the wood pile. In the Southern states, peak tornado season is March
through May. Northern states are more likely to be hit with tornadoes
during the summer. People know that during a tornado warning they
should move to an interior room with no windows, or in a basement.
When camping, that¡¯s not a viable option.

Whitewater rafting is one of the most unique and invigorating ways to
visit a parks backcountry. Some of the most incredible National Parks may
have river rafting excursions that travel through the park, the river rafting
is usually offered by various companies and outfitters. More on Camping
Outdoors Tips. A large van called an RV in employed by many campers, or
more commonly in the UK a caravan is attached to a car. Both of these
serve as basic mobile homes, with beds, gas and sometimes electricity.

Where to go is the big decision. Some are lucky enough to live near
national parks.These are national parks because they are very special
areas. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time
getting reacquainted with your family. Great family camping getaways are
easy to plan and inexpensive vacation options.

Survival Stories

The will to overcome insurmountable odds is what makes a person a hero.
The person doesn't have to save a victim from a burning building but
simply do whatever it takes in order to survive.

There are many places where the individual can hear survival stories. Theu
can be read in books written by the survivors, documentaries on television
and websites that feature the incredible stories and the lessons that can
be learned.

Most of these stories start out with the people having a wonderful time
on a trip or while going or coming home from work. An explosion, water
residing or a roadblock changes everything for those who are there.

A good example is the recent tsunami that hit some parts of Southeast
Asia. It was the day after Christmas when an underwater earthquake
occurred. The shockwaves sent a tidal wave hitting into nearby coastal
communities and resorts killing thousands of people. It took time for
rescue and aid workers to arrive at the scene. Some of the bodies were
only identified after 6 months and those who survived shared the horrific
experience and had to overcome the trauma of this tragic event.

The point is to treat your family to an unforgettable outdoor adventure,
so it doesn't matter how you plan to camp or where you intend to go.

Remember to do your research, read as much information as possible and
make sure to buy that camping gear through a reputable online merchant
at an affordable price. The most common material that you can choose
when you go camping consists of the technologies that will permit the
water to pass through the material yet it doesn't allow the water to go
into it.

You will need ice to keep the frozen foods cool. Save up you milk
containers plastic works best wash out and fill ? full of water an place
in the freezer. When you have a few frozen containers you now
have the ice that will keep your food cold.

Be sure the lantern you buy is weather proof. If you are camping
in colder weather the gas type of lanterns would be your best
choice because not only do they give of a bright light they also
give off a fair amount of heat. Never use the gas lanterns in the
tent. The thought of camping alone can be very intimidating,
especially if you¡¯re a woman. Ideally, it is not something recommended
to women new to camping.

RV's come in many sizes and shapes. They start with campers that fit in
the back of a pickup truck. These can have full kitchens, beds, a shower
and toilet in them.

Both sports demand having the proper equipment and knowledge for
safety reasons. Many National Parks offer established climbing routes that
will have a wide range of difficulty levels; usually no permits are needed,
unless an overnight stay in backcountry is involved. It is important to
check weather conditions beforehand and use caution, never climb alone.
Activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, white water
rafting and kayaking, skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering are just a
few of the sports you might want to include on your camping adventure.

Another could be how a kidnapped journalist in Iraq was held captive for
more than two months before being released. Those who committed the
crime threatened to kill the victim unless the individual cooperated with
those responsible.

The bombing of some trains in Spain two years ago killed 190 people and
injured hundreds more. Though no one was arrested, it is believed that a
terrorist group was responsible for the said attack. These stories are just
some of many that a person can hear about survival. This shows that bad
things can happen in the most unlikely places where the individual is on
vacation or at work.

No one is able to prepare for such incidents. Even those who have had
survival training may sometimes panic because of the frightening
circumstances of the situation. It is only after accepting the reality and
assessing what had just happened that the individual can think straight
and figure out a way to get out of this mess. The crisis may get worse in
the coming days or weeks ahead. The best lesson from any of these
survival stories and others is that it will pass and the person will finally be
able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those who survive have to
move on and share the lessons of the experience with others.

If you're bringing tins of beans, remember a manual can opener or pack
your Swiss army knife. If you're not sure what to bring, ask an associate
at your local sporting store to help you choose your camping needs. Call
on friends who like to camp, and ask them for advice. A definite upcoming
trend is more and more people seeking untouched locales and wilderness.

It is a good idea to know what you should and should not do when
coming across animals. Parks often will have signs up if animals have been
sighted in the campground. Whatever activity you decide to enjoy, it is
always wise to do a little research to know ahead of time what to expect,
always check what the weather conditions will be to avoid any dangerous

Even though winter - with all its snow, wind, and cold - is definitely upon
us, it¡¯s never too early to start thinking about camping this spring or
summer. And for those outdoor enthusiasts who won¡¯t wait for the snow
to melt before setting out this winter, there is no better time than now
to review a few useful tips to remember when planning your camp menu.
When you have your living accommodations prepared you must next look
to the provisions you will take with you. What type of food and
beverages will you need on a daily basis? Will you be preparing each meal
cold or hot? You may also want to pack a couple days more provisions for
any emergency that may arise.

As I rounded a bend blasted through granite, just wide enough to
accommodate a horse-drawn wagon, I braked suddenly and gasped.

Make your van into something that's useable for you, especially if it's going
to be your residence for days or weeks at a time. Instead of going up to
other campers and saying, ¡°Hi, I¡¯m Kerry and I¡¯m here by myself¡± ask
questions like ¡°How can I contact you if I experience a problem¡± or ¡°is this
campground regularly patrolled?¡±Don¡¯t advertise you are by yourself by
finding campsites away from walking trails
About the Author
More on Camping Outdoor.

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