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The power of positive communication in business.

By Murad Ali

Communication is one of those aspects of business that few people think about but is likely the key to any successful operation. People have built and kept their fortune on the simple concept of speaking effectively. When this happens people trust, people appreciate, and people feel confident with someone their engaging in transactions with. Anyone can speak effectively if they know what that means.

The first rule that must be understood when communicating with business associates is to stay positive. That doesn't mean you don't tell them the truth but you keep the conversation in a positive tone and demeanor. When you are positive it is more likely that the tone of conversation will stay positive and the end result will end in a sale. People like to feel as though they are appreciated, as though they are worthy, and as though they are building a friendship.

According to the book "How to Communicate" by McKay, Davis and Fanning there are four ways of keeping a conversation positive.

1.) Praise: Praising people in an honest and sincere manner is one of the most effective was of making new friends and getting higher sales. That doesn't mean spouting out so many compliments that it annoys your customer or business associate but find something about their personality, skills, or what they are wearing and say something nice.

2.) Trading: When we trade in business we do so in a way that gives us a sale. For example, you might be able to trade your services for someone else. "I have no problem doing your taxes for you for free but in exchange I would like you to fix the hole in my roof". If cash is what you are looking for then say something like, "I will give you a 50% discount on my services but I would like you to do this." When business people use trade they can encourage a sale, reduce expenses, and receive something then need for cheap or free.

3.) Building Rewards: Many businesses build rewards into referrals such as paying $10.00 for every referral, or giving free prizes to the 10th caller, or offering buy 3 get 1 free program. Rewards are effective for nearly anything you want to accomplish. For example, on the New Business World Blog and Online Business Concepts Blog people who refer a business for advertising, which results in a sale, receive 50% of the cost of advertising. Why does this work? It's because the advertisement is worth the price and I make more by volume and not the individual sale.

4.) Verbal and nonverbal appreciation: People love to feel as though they are being appreciated. Simply say positive things about them and tell then how much you enjoy their time, their patronage, or something else.

Positive communication is about treating people well and in a manner that you desire to be treated. There is no magic rule other than the "Golden Rule" to treat other people the way you desire to be treated. Positive communication can be used in any business, in any relationship, in any friendship and in any workplace.

Murad Ali is a three time business author, a Ph.D. candidate and a human resource manager.
About the Author
Murad Ali is a three time published book author, a human resource manager, and a Ph.D. candidate. For more articles visit the following:

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