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Most profitable industries in the U.S. and China.

By Murad Ali

The world's two mega-powers have different expectations of growth for the next 1-5 years. Each country has needs that represent their place in the world and corresponding stage of development as a nation. Interestingly, many of the needs of China are geared towards new industries and growth while that of the U.S. is about maintenance.

Future Most Profitable Chinese Sectors:

Energy: China is in great need of energy in order to fuel its growth.

Real Estate: This includes both personal and corporate real estate. As people within China begin to earn more discretionary income more construction is expected.

Education: Whether children are engages in primary or college education there is an increasing demand for schools, materials, tutors, and universities.

Automobiles: Many of the Chinese citizenry do not own automobiles. The opening of markets to Japanese and American made automobiles is expected to be a highly profitable business.

Medicine: Many people in China have received only rudimentary medical care. As people earn more money the Chinese populace will expect better services.

Telecommunications & Cell Phones: People in China want the latest gadgets. China as the ability to produce these products themselves but will likely contract to Western companies for networks. Corporations within the country will have a large need for telecommunication networks as well.

Eye Glasses: There are more people in China that need glasses than anywhere else in the world.

Fast Food: Soda, chips, fast food restaurants, etc. are expected to make major inroads into the country.

Future U.S. Most Profitable Businesses:

Energy Companies: The government and industries are pushing for self-reliance and alternative energy sources. Thus companies that supply energy are expected to earn large amounts of surplus wealth.

Financial Services: Home loans, credit cards, investments, lines of credit, etc. are expected to continue growing.

Telecommunications and Cell Phone: Like China the need to keep replacing cell phones as well as new users entering the market is growing. In addition, the U.S. also has once of the largest percentages of people online and this trend is not expected to decline. Furthermore, companies are attempting to upgrade systems and continue integrating their capabilities

Large Retailers: Americans love to go to one major store like Walmart and Target and get all of their basic needs. Expansion of large retail stores will continue into both urban and rural areas.

Fast Food: Major providers of soda, chips, fast food restaurants, etc. are expected to continue growth within the country. Most of their profits will come from places like China and the Asiatic countries but still growth expected in the U.S.

Insurance: Unlike other developed countries the U.S. has a need for all types of insurance that include auto, home, life, health, etc.

The similarities of China and the U.S. lie in energy, telecommunications and fast foods. Each of these is signs of growth for both countries. However, the U.S. likes discount retail stores, insurance and financial services which may be more about maintaining wealth instead of growing. China desires to offer more basic products to reflect a growth in household incomes by offering better medical care, higher quality education, glasses, and real estate.

The differences may lie in the two predominately different stages of development. China which wants to grow and provide more basic services to their citizens while the U.S. desires to grow and maintain wealth as much as possible. The U.S. is already a budded flower while China is still budding which makes the difference in terms of what industries to invest in.

Murad Ali is a three time published author, a Ph.D. student and a human resource manager.
About the Author
Murad Ali is a three time published book author, a human resource manager, and a Ph.D. candidate. For more articles visit the following:

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