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Yoga For Cancer Afflicted Folks

By Javier Fuller

There is no direct correlation between yoga as remedial measure and cancer. However Yoga has proved its efficacy in easing the stress and trauma that a cancer patient undergoes. Yoga could be even adopted as a preventive measure against cancer. Since Yoga happens to be a natural healer of damaged cells and tissues, it is considered to prevent cells from getting cancerous.

Regular Yoga practices tend to increase tissues capacity to overcome inner damages. Once you get this increased ability of resilience through yoga, you are less likely to fall prey to cancer. By enhancing your body's overall capacity to fight diseases, it furthermore lessens possibility of severe maladies like cancer. Yoga has also been proved to be a direct combatant against cancer as it restricts growth of cancerous cells. By doing so, yoga happens to increase longevity of patients.

Your immune system gradually becomes stronger with constant yoga exercises. Once you become internally stronger to resist maladies, you are less susceptible to tumor and cancer.

Since cancer patients are very likely to be under immense stress as it is one of the lethal diseases, Yoga offers a solution to their stress. With the help of Yoga they may keep up with their spirit to fight against the disease.

Yoga helps them shed their constant fear of death. Various relaxation exercises offer them much needed peace of mind. Cancer afflicted folks are made to learn basic asanas and breathing exercises that are of great help in keeping them in good physical and mental condition.

Cancer patients are also recommended to do Pranyama. Among cancerous folks Yoga also reduces side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

A cancer patient is never recommended all yoga exercises. Seeing the severity and type of cancer they are suggested to perform selective yoga exercises. They are refrained from doing complex yoga asanas as it may affect them adversely due to their weak physical state.

Before taking up yoga, a cancer patient must consult an experienced Yogi. The yogi would suggest only those exercises that serve the patient’s purpose well.

So, yoga could prove to be a good companion for folks afflicted with cancer, a companion that would not only decrease trauma and stress associated with the disease but also help in increasing your life expectancy.

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