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Tips On Studying For Tests

By Dalvin Rumsey

For most people, choosing the best strategy when studying for a test has always been an issue. It is a generally accepted fact that the efficient way to study for tests is to do your homework on time, ask questions in class, and learn information as it is taught is the best way to avoid memorizing stuff hours before the test.

Let us think about how the brain works and you will see how you can make more of the time you spend on studying for a test. Well, the most significant thing your brain does to learn new information is to connect new knowledge to concepts you already know. The connection process is vital! Connections help you learn new information, but visual images help you recall it. Visual images are powerful memory-enhancing tools because brains tend to think in images. Pictures, graphs, maps, and symbols help your brain see new concepts, see the relationship between concepts, and give you an image to "connect" new information. Finally, your brain must be healthy to be efficient. Proper sleep, nutrition, and hydration help you think clearly while you are studying and while you are taking your test.

When building up an action plan for studying for a test, the first step is to know the test format. Then, you must gather all homework, worksheets, handouts and notes covering the tested material. Open your text-book to the tested sections and "read" the pictures, graphs, and diagrams. Take a short, 2-4 minute study break every 30 minutes. Get a drink, do a few jumping jacks, or grab a short snack to refresh your brain. This is always good, don't you think? Back to work now! The next step you have to make is to go over your packet of quizzes and graded assignments. As you read each problem or paragraph, stop and think of a connection to one of the visuals from your textbook.

Create a so called cheat-sheet, that is actually an index card of notes. This will most certainly be a great help for remembering all the needed information. You must then review your remaining handouts and notes.

The most important thing is to sleep well the night before the test, so that you will get a clear mind that will help you remember everything you have learned for the test. Read the cheat-sheet and you are 100% ready for the test!
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