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How Bad Can Virus Hoaxes Get

By Dalvin Rumsey

Each and every computer user has at least once suffered from the action of a virus. The damage such a malicious little thing causes can be very serious, leading up to the theft of your data. Your programs will not work any more and you will end up losing a large amount of time trying to fix them. The worse thing that can happen is your real money being stolen! Could you say that this is a risk worth facing? The answer will most certainly be negative!

Another thing to keep away from is a virus hoax. It will arrive in your email and warn you of a brand new threat to your computer. Once the email outlines how the new virus works it asks you to forward the mail to others in your email address book. In fact this chain letter can cause a great deal of damage.

Just think of how much these virus hoaxes can travel! Should each person who gets it send it to ten other, and then each of these ten people send it to ten more people, the outcome can be very serious. It can get up to millions of false emails that have no purpose and are using up space on networks. Therefore, the routers and servers will probably crash or at least slow down.

You can be sure that you've got a hoax when a lot of technical words are being used.

Some hoaxes will contain a reference to an organization that really exists such as a legitimate company that sells antivirus software. You can easily verify this information. You must have seen references of it somewhere, such as on television, as well as the internet! Another way to protect yourself from getting a virus hoax is making sure that you never buy anything from someone who claims to be able to fix any virus infection that your computer might have. This cannot possibly be true!

A hoax can indeed be very harmful. Some of them will warn you to delete files on your computer that might have the virus. Should you follow their directions, you might not notice the effect immediately. However, when you will reboot your system, it will not start anymore. The thing that the hoaxes are counting on is the fact that these files are often unknown to most users, even if they are very important to the proper running of your computer.
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