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Death Penalty: the Best Way to Write About It

By Timothy Anderson

The hardest essays to write are not those that are barely researched. It usually takes time on thinking, but also gives a great opportunity to create something new. Surprisingly, as it may sound, persuasive essays on common topics are the toughest thing to do. What is there new to write about abortion? Or smoking that kills and the fact is medically proven. The same thing is with death penalty it was discussed at least 1 000 000 times. And brilliant writers like Stephen King and Albert Camus dedicated their works to it. But still your teacher assigns you with a persuasive essay on a death penalty topic. Don't panic, and try to think about it as of a new challenge.

When coming up with arguments, stick to the strongest ones. And don't bother about the fact that they are what everybody knows. Remember that they were originated by analysts that are experts in the field and know all the bumps on the road. And don't try to make up new outrageous arguments that will only annoy or irritate the readers. Instead, take a sheet of paper and divide it into to parts.

Use the first part for writing pros for banning a death penalty:
It violates the "cruel and unusual" clause in the Bill of Rights.
It sends the wrong message: why kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong.
Capital punishment costs several times more to taxpayers than of keeping someone in prison for life.
Life in prison is a worse punishment and a more effective deterrent.
The possibility exists that innocent men and women may be put to death.

After doing this, move to a second part, where you will write the cons:
The death penalty gives closure to the victim's families who have suffered so much.
It creates another form of crime deterrent.
Our justice system shows more sympathy for criminals than it does to victims.
DNA testing can now effectively eliminate uncertainty as to a person's guilt or innocence.
Prisoner parole or escapes can give criminals another chance to kill.

First of all, there are two options in writing on a common topic. You can choose to be provocative. Deny all human values, but not for the fact of denial. Offer your variants. XXI century is the best time and place for such experiments because all the philosophers and analysts along with mass media scream about the switch of morals and life principles to totally new ones. Prove that you are a worthy child of your time offer an undiscovered position and view on this problem. But once you chose being provocative, stay like this till the very end. A reader has to think that this is what you believe in. If he sees that you switch priorities the way that a girl changes clothes, they will think about reasons to trust in your writing. And they may not find any.

Whichever position you prefer, the second one will be the position of your opponents. But after you completed a list, you will be able to provide good counterarguments and stand firmly on your point of view. If you feel that there is more to say and to think on, ask your friends and family for help. An opinion from someone else is valuable, for it can bring new ideas and facts that you would never even think of. Write them down, too.

This is called good preliminary research work. If you gave it your best, a persuasive essay on death penalty will not seem so hopeless any more.

The second way to write a persuasive essay on a general topic is by appealing to human feelings. Think how many times when reading a book you could correlate yourself to the character or situation described, and that made you feel really into the book. The same is with your own writing. People are eager to answer, when you ask questions that are close to their beliefs and feelings. Appeal to common sense, morality, values of the mankind and the audience will be yours. This way can be tricky, however. Instead of being sensitive and thoughtful, you are running a risk of turning into a whiner who raises his hands to the skies and cries for justice that doesn't exist. There is nothing to advise but to say: stay specific.
About the Author
Timothy Anderson is the head of customer care center at , custom essay writing service. Having completed a number of student assignments himself, Timothy uses his knowledge to provide individualized customer support to students, who order custom papers.

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