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A Toll Free Directory Lets You Shop More, Search Less

By Anna Woodward

Whether a consumer, a seller, but mostly as an employer, how you source or locate what you buy is as important as the item that you purchase. What to buy, who to buy from, those are the two questions one would think would be most important, but now there are two more questions to have to answer, and that is where to look and how much to pay to call.

If not to be found in a mall shop or if you're too busy to go to the location itself and shop, or you then you must either do a lot of catalog shopping, or you shop quite a bit online. It's tough to shop online, though, because many times you don't know 360 view of the item, or more specifics, or the item photo doesn't upload to your machine, you need to know if they have the correct number you need in stock, any number of questions. The end result is you want to be able to go ahead and call the retailer. In this day and age of international consumerism, we often are able to purchase items from several different places around the world. However, not everyone stays up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to get our phone call, and our toll charges to call international have escalated over the years. Business to business purchasing particularly is difficult if you have to call and be cognizant of toll charges. What is the solution? Well, toll free would be the first choice for all businesses. In order to contact that business, would you e-mail first, and hope that they have an 800 number for that business, and that you could obtain their toll free number, or would you e-mail them and hope that they contact you back via phone? Neither seems a potentially productive response. Having a toll free listing is quite possibly the easiest way to have prospective buyers contact you, and for you or your employees to contact them.

Toll free numbers are not hard to find, as long as you don't mind wading through a phone book or a search engine listing that also includes toll numbers and out of service numbers. If you at all value your time, that will not be the best avenue of choice for you, particularly if you are an employer paying an employee by the hour, or a mother with limited time to search for something and call the location. But, with a toll free directory you are able to locate the correct number and do business quickly and efficiently. Simple math tells you that you would rather pay someone by the hour to be on the phone arranging for a purchase than paying by the hour for employees to search for a number. As a mother has limited time for most things, whether the mother is an out of home worker or not, taking time to peruse a phone book or a search engine is likely not going to happen anytime in the near future.

So do yourself a favor, whether an employer, employee, mother, student, or your average consumer, make sure you spend your time wisely, using it to choose merchandise, not finding it.
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