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The Forum Dedicated to the Wii

By Carl Hendy

With the war of the gaming consoles raging on as never before, it is quite difficult to make a clear cut conclusion as to which is the best of the existing consoles. Yet one thing stands out clearly the Nintendo Wii has definitely caught the whole world by storm. The Wii experience is just that unique and enjoyable that even fans of the other consoles have been known to say that indeed, this console from Nintendo has got what it takes to make a gamer happy.

Nintendo has traditionally been upheld as one of the leaders in the gaming industry. Back in the day, it was the coolest thing for a kid to have the Nintendo Game and Watch or the Family Computer. As such, many in the gaming sector think it but right that Nintendo has once again set a path for the next generation console. With the Wii, it looks like they have done it again.

What makes the Wii different from the other consoles that have dominated the market in the past several years? Why are so many people finding it such a pleasure to play with the Wii? Perhaps the most glaring and revolutionary aspect of the Wii is its remote control. When news of the Wii first came out, people were very skeptical about the looks of that remote it looked too much like a TV remote! Now, people are raving about it. It is wireless, it can be used as a pointer, it can detect motion and rotation and three dimensions. What more can you want? Now you can play using your entire body and not just your thumbs!

Of course, despite the "greatness" of this product, there have been some concerns among its users. Safety was one of the things that were raised up in the past weeks. Some people think the lack of games is another issue. I suppose these things are part and parcel of any product.

One good thing for Wii users especially for those in the UK is that there is now a venue for them to express all and any of their thoughts, concerns, and stories. At Wii Talk- the only dedicated Wii Forum in the UK - any gaming enthusiast is welcome to talk about any topic relating to the Wii and perhaps even other gaming consoles. In this forum, you can find a wide variety of existing topics like news on the Wii, where to find Wii products (both hardware and software), help on technical issues, help on games, and more! You can even use the forum as a venue to buy and sell Wii related things.

Indeed, it is but fitting that gaming enthusiasts who make use of the most advanced technology in this field should also exploit the Internet as a means of exchanging information. Forums have been around for quite some time now yet it is not everyday that you can find a forum totally dedicated to something you are passionate about in this case, it is the Wii. If you have a Wii or you are merely considering buying a Wii or even if you are simply interested in the Wii, why not pay Wii Talk a visit and get drawn into the world of Wii.
About the Author
Carl Hendy is the owner of and is keen to invite you to join the largest Wii Forum in the UK. Please visit And register now!

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