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Maryann Klabal is excellent in whatever she does

By Robert Kenny

It is very difficult for a person to curve out a niche for oneself, when their names are associated with famous parents or spouse. Maryann Klabal is one such person, but she has not been bogged down by the enormity of her spouses' name. Maryann Klabal is the wife of Mirek Klabal, a successful art dealer. Mirek Klabal is a very well known name in the field of art, as he has huge collection of art pieces put up by renowned art masters. Maryann Klabal works in collaboration with her husband, besides being involved with several charities that work towards helping out children who are under privileged.

Mirek Klabal and Maryann Klabal own MK Fine Arts, an art gallery in New York where they have put up an unbelievable collection of art pieces made by several renowned artists. So if you love collecting rare art masterpieces, this is the place where you should be in. The couple are very particular about whom they sell their art pieces to. In fact, Mirek Klabal makes it a point to find out all information which he can gather so that he can make sure that the art does not fall in the wrong hands.

Art is a form of expression and many people use this medium to express anything and everything that they feel under the sun. For some people, art signifies the beauty and wonder of nature and life. Creative art masterpieces according to Maryann and Mirek Klabal reflect beautiful things. Their art gallery is where you will find the best art masterpieces. The collection includes rare pieces by Chagall and several other renowned artists. Visitors can enjoy a virtual feast of paintings by different artists in his art gallery MK Fine Arts.

Both Mirek Klabal and Maryann Klabal are very deeply involved with charity work of different types. They work extensively for charity that supports underprivileged children. For around one year, they have been involved with raising money for autism research. They are always working toward helping out people and specially children who are less advantaged. Her charity work is not geographically limited; she has spread out her work to different parts of the world.

She has a big hand in the success of Mirek Klabal, who was born in Prague. It would not have been possible for him to achieve what he has achieved till date without the unconditional support and help from this amazing lady, who has been with him in whatever he has done.

Mirek Klabal, Maryann's husband is entirely different from your average art dealer. First be rest assured that you will find art pieces of the best quality and there is absolutely no chance that you may land up with a masterpiece that may turn out to be fraud later one. Many art masters may fancy their chance in selling fake masterpieces and making money from art lovers, but Mirek Klabal is poles apart from them in this regard.
About the Author
Robert Kenny has a special corner for art masterpieces in his heart.Collecting best and valuable art pieces is one of his hobbies.This love of his has helped him develop a special relation with Mirek Klabal.If you want to know more about Maryann Klabal,Fine art world,Klabal art gallery visit

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