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Make More Profits With a USP

By Larry Potter

What is A USP?

A USP is a unique selling proposition.

You MUST emphasize what makes you better than the competition. Let your customers know exactly how and why they will benefit from doing business with instead of someone else. Perhaps you offer a better guarantee than others, or your service or product might cost less, maybe you offer special advice or knowledge that is not available anywhere else, or your customer service might be better than the competition's or you might offer special incentives that no one else does.

The bottom line, whatever your angle, when promoting your service or product is that you need to emphasize what makes you special or unique!

And always give them information.

People search the internet for information, not to be sold something. They do not want to read a sales pitch.

You want to give each visitor to your home business site as much information as possible. When you take the time to educate them, you build credibility. Make your online business web site a valuable resource for your customers by giving them free tips and tools. This helps build your reputation while making your site one your readers will come back to, time and time again.

This will help establish you as an expert in your field, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And once they trust you, they will
buy from you!

One great way to provide information and establish credibility is with a free newsletter. Spinning graphics and neat colors
will not sell your service or product---your copy will. One of the most important factors in determining the success or
failure of your online home business is well-written, compelling copy. This will determine the success or failure of your
online home business.

And never imply.

If you have an online home business, you should never imply what you want your visitors to do, rather you should explicitly state it. This is hard for some because they do not want to impose their wishes on anyone, they prefer to be polite. But unless you are blunt with your visitors, you will see only mediocre or downright poor results.

Tell you visitor exactly what you want them to do, whether it be...

+Read an article

+Buy your product


+Enter a contest

+Join your affiliate program

+Fill out a survey


Make sure you let them know!

Marketing experts have proven you will increase your home business sales by at least 80% simply by asking for the order.
About the Author
Larry Potter is a recognized authority on the subject of starting a home business with little or no cash.
More tips can be found here: Make Money At Warp Speed

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