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Notary surety bonds preventing failure

By rick martin

Throughout the United States of America you can find just about anywhere public officials who represent the state. Some of these handle finances, others legal issues and so on. One of the officials that the Secretary of State's office appoints in a given state is a notary. Surety bonding is something that is used to ensure one party, the beneficiary, of the other party's success, the principal, in the object of the bond through a third party, a bond company, with the help of an amount of money. Given its laws, the State requires, as it does to most of its appointed officials, that the individual who is to be assigned this function obtains a notary surety bond prior the official authorization. Thus, this bond helps the State to have some kind of reimbursement in case the individual fails to fulfill his duties therefore violating the public trust. The notary surety bond's parties are the State as the beneficiary, the notary who will be appointed into the official function and the bond company that assumes the risk of representing the notary surety bond. Even if the notary surety bond has officials and the State as parties, make no mistake: a great number of risks are involved.

The responsibility of the notary varies. His main functions are to officiate the contract and to make sure that the contract between the parties takes place under the letter of the law. The first and most important thing a notary must do is identify the parties involved in the contract and validate their identity. For instance, picture this situation: someone wants to buy a car from someone else and the notary is asking for both their driver's licenses and the buyer presents his and the seller does not, claiming he forgot it at home, and the buyer is in a hurry to complete the transaction. If the notary would validate that transaction and the seller turns out to be someone other than the owner, then the owner would lose the title to his car. In this example the notary violates the public trust by failing to confirm the identities if the parties. The real owner can then file a claim against the State for being negligent through its appointed official and most probably he will win. That's when the notary surety bond comes in. The State will be reimbursed for the amount that it lost in the conflict with the owner of the car from the bond company. But the bond should not be mistaken for an insurance policy, simply because an insurance policy reimburses the owner for the damages and the money paid for the damages are supported by the insurance company. But when it comes to bond companies, they are not just paying for the damages done; they also try to seek reimbursement from the principal of the bond, in our case the notary.

Analyzing the situation, three of the four parties involved in the dispute are reimbursed: the filer of the claim is reimbursed by the State, the State is reimbursed by the bond company, and the bond company by the notary. But who can take care of the notary? One option available for the notary to be protected is to purchase insurance from companies that offer coverage under the title Notary Public Errors and Omissions. This insurance can be purchased from insurance companies for a nominal fee.

Irish surety bonding is an option that can make life easier. Information about irish surety bonding can be found over the internet for any given individual that is interested for applying for a bond with an irish surety bonding company. The option of an irish surety bonding should be considered by anyone trying to ensure that their project will take the course that is stated in the contract. A bond is used to protect the beneficiary in the off-chance of a failure by the companies that are the principals of the bond. Surety bonds can be found in any area in which you can close a contract. You can also interpret the surety bond as an additional clause in the contract that requires an additional cost but in case the project is abandoned you are reimbursed. That is one thing that you should consider when you are getting involved in a project because no project is safe from failure no matter the reputation of the companies you are signing it with.
About the Author
A notary surety bond is the way the State ensures that it will be reimbursed in case the notary fails to do his duties accordingly. Irish surety bonding companies offer this option for the soon to be appointed notaries. The procedure is used to protect some parties involved in a troublesome situation.

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