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New trend online? Ugly people picture posting

By Rick Martin

This is an uncomplicated contemplation of a recurrent phenomenon at least these days over the Internet. This is not a verdict. Subsequently, we are not here to pass judgments or positive/negative evaluations of the phenomenon, but rather to register its occurrence and to attempt discovering some of its causes. The online episode which has grabbed our attention is the posting of an increasing number of ugly people pictures.

One thing must be made clear from the very beginning: we are not making a critique of ugly men or women. We are only wondering about the reasons which determine people to post pictures the more than obvious topic of which is ugliness. The most frequently invoked reason is that ugly men or women pictures are likely to entertain web site visitors. Truth is that, nowadays, entertainment is obtained out of just any imaginable activity (and you will immediately decipher what we mean by "any imaginable activity" if we give you a direction: think about that movie/entertainment series labeled as "Jackass"; we believe that we have said it all with this single example of entertainment pushed to its limits).

The same as it happens with the movie previously mentioned posting pictures of ugly people is a form of leisure activity exploiting the extremes of what leisure could point to. You can see it with your own eyes; there's no need to take only our word for it: picture after picture, ugly men and women succeed one another as if figures in a strange, yet continuously developing roll film.

Well, some may even say that this is done out of art's sake. But let's face it, you cannot compare ugly people pictures which are clearly taken in a haste and pictures (yes, true enough, many of them focus on ugly aspects of life, such as wars, famine, orphans) professionally taken and managed for the subsequent publication in some famous and serious magazine.

The eagerness to be witnesses of other people's unsightliness could be only explained as it follows. The overwhelming amount of unlovely, unseemly attributes which are specific to ugly people must be either a matter of curiosity or a means of better estimating your own qualities you have ignored up until the moment you have browsed the Internet for pictures of ugly men or women.

In other words, website posted pictures of ugly people practically assist less self-confident individuals into creating a "supply", to say so, of reasons why their self-confidence should be augmented. When you look at those pictures you can only think either "I couldn't believe it until I saw it" or "Thank God I am not like that". OK, so it may sound like a cheap and somehow cruel manner of building self-confidence, but in fact it simply acts as a more peculiar sort of counterbalance.

You are probably familiar with a saying like "the grass is always greener on the other side". Pictures of ugly men and women will make you reconsider the truth value of such a saying. When you look at how many such pictures are displayed over the Internet, the grass suddenly turns greener on your side. It may even determine you asking whether such postings are creating a trend or whether they haven't already assisted the birth of an entire, new online fashion.

And, truth be told, you are right on the spot with such a question. In the end, it is only the website visitors who manage such trends: without their increasing number of visits, the postings would soon point at a lack of interest and thus there would be no discussion on a trend basis.

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About the Author
Pictures of ugly men and women posted over the Internet act like a self-confidence catalysts. Ugly people will always stand out the "how" and "why" you should not look like them.

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