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When You Get Irritated At A Badly Parked Car

By Joe Thompson

How many times have you tried looking for a parking spot and all you see is this small Volkswagen vehicle taking up at least three vehicle spaces because it was badly parked? How many times have you left your vehicle parked in a very convenient spot only to find out later when you are about to drive off that the person who owned the vehicle next to your car parked his vehicle badly so much so that you might need to have a tractor lift your vehicle out of the spot? And how many times have you been parked next to a badly parked vehicle that you thought the Kia body parts of that vehicle next to you were already permanently stuck to your car?

Sure, we all have had our share of badly parked cars and some people just surely cannot quite forget all about those vehicles that made their happy day look so bad. And this is perhaps the very reason why a new auto website has popped out trying to give the public the chance to take revenge on that fellow who parked his car ever so badly.

The new site is called Revenge Is Yellow and its web site can be spotted at This allows you to take revenge on those who made your day go down the drain because of parking space. And how does Revenge Is Yellow do it? Well, you can start putting their really funny yet sarcastic messages on parking tickets. Of course, these are not real parking tickets. They just look like real ones.

So how do you go about this? All you need to do is purchase these messages from Revenge Is Yellow and then place it in a parking ticket wallet. When you find that badly parked car which made your head go really hot, then place that "parking ticket" on the badly parked car. Now you get revenge.

"The idea originated when I got so fed up with non parent cars parking in parent and toddler spots at my local supermarkets. At last, we all have a way of getting your instant revenge. A fantastic stocking filler or office party present," says Matt Wilkinson, the person behind the web site.

Here are a couple of messages that you can find on Revenge Is Yellow:

"This is just a note to say thank you for parking so close to my car...Next time, please leave a sodding tin opener so I can get my car out....Do society a favour and take the bus next time!"

"Well done! It must of taken years of practice to be that bad. Maybe if you let your guide dog park next time, you might only take up one space, or at least get it straight."

"Thanks for your inconsiderate parking, I couldn't get past your car on a skate board let alone my own car. The next time you feel the need to abandon your vehicle try the local tip."
About the Author
Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

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