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Some Easy Home Remedies For Curing Anorexia, Digestion Disorders

By Mathew Thomson

In simple terms, loss of appetite in a person is termed as Anorexia. Under this disorder, you suffer from improper digestion and other common diseases that lead to further deterioration of your health. Anorexia occurs due to improper functioning of the stomach. This happens as a result of  poor secretion of gastric juices, that are very important for the completion of the digestion process.

With changing lifestyles, anorexia has taken the shape of a common problem in the people's life. And the youngsters and some early-aged adults are the one's who are the most affected of all. Due to pressure of work and studies, eating habits have worsened, giving more grounds to the disorder of anorexia.

A person suffering from anorexia generally does not feel like eating and also suffers from insomnia, which is a condition of insufficient sleep. The causes of this disorder are many. Of them the most common are your faulty diet plans and no physical work at all. Apart from this, the ever increasing hectic work schedule, stress and tension are bound to rise, making you more prone to anorexia.

So to do away with this disorder, you should follow a good diet chart that includes every nutritious food and avoid taking unnecessary stress and tension. For, proper cleansing of your digestive tract is the only solution to free yourself from anorexia. Regular exercising also helps a great deal in curing anorexia.

Besides these, there are various home remedies to cure anorexia. These are quite easy to practice.

1. Ginger: Ginger has certain elements that help you regain your lost appetite. So including a good amount of ginger can help you to come out of your disorder.

2. Lime: It is also one of the valuable remedies for anorexia as it helps you in restoring your normal appetite. Lime mixed with ginger proves very effective in this.

3. Oranges: Oranges help to stimulate the production of various digestive juices in the stomach and thus improves your whole digestive system. The outcome is clearly an increased appetite.

4. Garlic: Garlic has a direct impact on your whole digestive system and thus increases your appetite.

The other treatments that are used to cure anorexia are warm water enema and application of ice bags on your stomach. You should always avoid taking excess of alcohol and refrain from smoking, as these are the agents that increase your chances of suffering from anorexia.

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