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New Battery Technology Promises 100 Miles

By Joe Thompson

There is a new battery in the automotive town and this one is the brainchild, creation, and product of Technology Research Laboratories, or TRL. This new battery is not yet in the market but it has already been made known by TRL that they are going to soon offer a new kind of battery for vehicles. Of course, it is not surprising because most manufacturers do first announce their new products – whether it be a new vehicle or some new Dodge parts – and they would then take their time to actually let the public see what this new product really is.

According to TRL, this new product of theirs is an innovation that would help battery manufacturers to get more sales. After all, consumers would surely be rushing to buy a battery that could run for a real long time and could be used even by hybrid electric vehicles. All these have been made possible because of the new kind of battery technology that TRL developed. And if the technology is applied, you would then be able to create one power source that is less costly and can be used for a longer time compared to the usual batteries one can find in the market right now. The company also does boast that this new technology of theirs also provide much safety which is very essential.

If you are thinking that such a technology could only benefit those people who own vehicles for their personal uses, then you should think again. You see, according to TRL, their new battery technology could also be used to manufacture and produce batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, as previously mentioned, as well as for commercial and industrial vehicles.

Compared to the conventional batteries that abound in the market, the batteries that could be created with TRL’s technology are actually produced using some principles on physical chemistry that the company uses. The technology also does make use of materials that are easily found in the market and need no materials that are quite expensive. You see, TRL did disclose that to create their batteries with their new technology need very ordinary materials like carbon and plastic. The company also does say that with their new battery technology, creating batteries for vehicles would also mean being friendlier to the environment. Despite such characteristics, the new battery actually can stand and survive through a great amount of electrical abuse.

Tried on a hybrid electric car, the new battery would work really well. And if TRL continues to produce such a revolutionary type of battery, the industry would certainly be leaning towards hybrid electric cars. The only problem though with this kind of vehicles is that in previous years, power sources are quite rare and come with a high price. TRL does promise that if you use their battery on a hybrid electric vehicle, you would find yourself speeding through 75 miles to 100 miles per hour.
About the Author
Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications. Please visit Dodge parts for more information.

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