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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Martin Lemieux
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1.Copying Content - Still Valuable, or A Thing of The Past?
Within the virtual world of the internet, "content" is to "money" in real life. Content is our commodity, it is what people trade all around the world. But is "other people's content" actually valuable? There are many specialists out there ...
[Added: 19 Dec 2005   Hits: 335   Words: 514]

2.Google Onsite Advertiser - Let The Bidding Wars Begin!
Google Adsense has just become more powerful overnight. As if it wasn't enough that Google now gives you $100 for every successful referral to their Adsense program but, advertisers can now battle for placements within your own websites as well. That's right, with every Adsense box you add to ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2005   Hits: 313   Words: 539]

3.Extra! Extra! Knowledge Is The Ultimate Power Online...
Everyone is asking the ultimate question, how do I get to have a successful website in this highly competitive age? The answer is simple... In order to learn how to do it properly, we need to take a look at others who are already ...
[Added: 27 Nov 2005   Hits: 377   Words: 1251]

4.Warning: Objects Within Your Browser Window Are Smaller Than They Appear!
Is your internet window showing objects (companies) that seem larger than they appear? I think so. The Internet not only has allowed us to market to the world but it also has allowed many companies to ...
[Added: 27 Nov 2005   Hits: 341   Words: 683]

5.A Business Directory Just Isn't Enough Anymore!
A Business Directory Just Isn't Enough Anymore! By: Martin Lemieux Do you own a business directory? Are you having a tough time beating your competition? This article will help you towards leaving your competition far behind. The idea here isn't about getting as many business directory listings as ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 336   Words: 906]

6.The Future Of Web Design Is Content Management!
Web development has greatly increased in popularity over the last 5 years. Many new design concepts, code standards, and technology advances have happened in a short amount of time. With that, so has the knowledge and ...
[Added: 14 Sep 2005   Hits: 317   Words: 615]

7.Search Engine Wars - Quality Searches Vs Quantity!
Search Engine Wars - Quality Searches Vs Quantity! By: Martin Lemieux It is no secret that Google and Yahoo are on a continuous battle to win our hearts and get everyone to convert, but is converting someone really a matter of the quantity ...
[Added: 02 Sep 2005   Hits: 290   Words: 877]

8.Is your website innovative? Increase Your Business Over Night!
While studying online for IT investment opportunities, I found that one main factor was constant. All of the biggest money makers have eye-catching, simple, innovative, and the cleanest websites online! Having a corporate style website may greatly increase your business! Looking professional online is extremely ...
[Added: 13 Aug 2005   Hits: 275   Words: 716]

9.Google Is Taking Descriptions From Alexa!
In a recent study looking at the "descriptions" of website search engine listings, we have noticed that your main SERP listing is being manipulated by If you take your top key word search engine placement within Google and look at ...
[Added: 05 Aug 2005   Hits: 257   Words: 400]

10.Are You Getting Nuked By Google Lately?
Since the last Google update, there have been many instances and examples of the Google Nuke Bot! This is what I call it anyway. Have you visited a favorite website lately only to realize they've been nuked by Google? More ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 244   Words: 577]

11.Google News - Just another article announcer?
In Google's recent battle towards becoming an international news center, I've come to notice that the results delivered from Google News seems like nothing more than the articles we publish everyday. So I ask, doesn't it seem like Google News resembles an article directory of ...
[Added: 11 Jul 2005   Hits: 273   Words: 597]

12.Optimizing Adsense For Better Performance and More Money!
So you want to make money with Google Adsense? I don't blame you, who doesn't want residual income! This article will show you how to better optimize Google Adsense to make more money from your web site(s). Before we get into it, learn more about Google Adsense here: ...
[Added: 04 Jul 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 1236]

13.What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One!
Domain names are the hottest net-real-estate on the internet. It's no wonder services like: "Domain Name Backordering" is available to the public. Can someone really backorder your domain right from underneath you? Guess again... So what is Domain ...
[Added: 22 Jun 2005   Hits: 655   Words: 511]

14.I am an AUTHOR - Is this the next big fad?
Write an article, get the traffic. Well sort of! Since the birth of writing articles, our industry has caught on to the phenomena of increasing your website’s traffic by becoming the professional in your field. ...
[Added: 16 Jun 2005   Hits: 289   Words: 659]

15.Marketing Your Business - How Do I Adapt To The Internet?
The way we do business is changing rapidly. From VOIP, video conferencing, email support, telephone answering services, and the almighty internet. As a business owner we are faced with hundreds of decisions our parents and grandparents never had to contend with. Some of you ...
[Added: 11 Jun 2005   Hits: 304   Words: 1065]