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How to Develop Your Natural Psychic Abilities with 4 Easy Steps!

By Annette Sassou

Maybe you have seen psychics on television or you have had your own psychic experiences that have sparked the idea to tap into your own natural psychic abilities.

One thing is for sure:

Developing your intuition and psychic powers can profoundly change your life to the better.

And you might help others along the way if you choose to.

Using your psychic powers to help others will also increase your own psychic strength.

The question that all my students ask is

"How do I get started to become psychic?"

The answer is simple:

First you need to create the right environment, your divine psychic space where you can practice and meditate.

I am about to reveal to you 4 simple steps to set up your psychic space quickly and easy:

1.Creating your Meditation Niche or Corner

As you probably know, there are many benefits to be enjoyed through meditation.

By meditating daily, you'll not only handle stress effectively, but you'll also discover, develop and fine tune your Intuition and Natural psychic abilities that all of us possess!

With your natural psychic abilities, you will be able to interact with other people easily, achieve great outcomes and attract success!

Not a bad ability to have right?

Think about how intimidating your boss is, and imagine if you could somehow send a vibe to him that resulted in him actually being nice to you!

Imagine being able to interact with your colleagues and clients, so you maximize your chances of achieving a positive outcome every time!

Think of the money you could save by doing your own psychic readings.

Or Imagine being able to communicate with your pet!

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say no to the ability to do all of these things!

Meditation and setting up your meditation space properly are the first
steps to psychic success!

2. Finding the Right Space for Meditation

For meditation, choose a space in your home which is quiet and safe from any intrusions or distractions. You do not want to be distracted at all during your meditation time, because this is your time.

Not only will you look forward to meditate you also will condition your psychic mind to relax whenever you are in this divine space.

Your meditation space should be comfortable for relaxing, and ideally, you should only use this space for your daily meditation.

This way, your mind will be totally clear and you will be ready for meditation when you enter this space.

Choosing a good spot for meditation is pivotal to your success in tuning into your inner psychic and inherent powers, talents and gifts.

3. The Importance of Choosing a Quiet, Private Place

This space is your sanctuary, so you need to keep it safe from intruders and clutter.

For this reason, I recommend you use a private area that isn't accessed by others.

Good places that might work well for you include your bedroom, a den - even your walk in closet if you are limited with space. Private areas are ideal in creating your place of comfort, relaxation and peace.

Also, in creating your psychic meditation space, try to include all four elements of fire, air, water and earth. These will allow you to better connect with your inner spiritual self and the universe.

Here are some ways you can include these four elements into your space:

- White candles for fire;
- Incense and an open window for fresh air;
- A table fountain for water; and
- A decorative bowl of sand for earth.

These are just suggestions, however choose items you like. You can make changes anytime you like, and you can also draw some helpful inspiration from Feng Shui. Feng Shui helps the positive energy to flow in your house. I found the following site quite useful:

You don't need to have these items present set out all the time in your space - just when you are ready to meditate.

4. Protecting your Space from Negative Energies

The final task you need to take care of when creating your meditation niche is to protect that space from negative energies.

There are plenty of negative forcesa and people around us, and to enjoy the positive stress-minimizing benefits of meditation, we need to make sure we give negativity the boot!

Only positive energies are allowed into your meditation space, and here's how you can ensure this is always the case:

Step 1 - Set up your meditation parameters and adhere to them:

You can do this by physically or mentally drawing a circle around the space where you meditate. Try to avoid entering this space unless you are ready to meditate. By drawing your circle, you are reinforcing to yourself and the universe, that this is your domicile for relaxation and meditation. Keep only the necessities for meditation in your circle, like a glass of water.

Step 2 - Perform a ritualistic cleansing of the area to remove impurities and negativity from it:

Don't worry - no hard scrubbing is involved to clean your meditative area and get rid of negativity!

Absolutely no sweat is required!

By simply lighting white or yellow candles, while thinking of letting all positive energies in, you are cleansing your space.

Always light your candles with this positive purpose in mind. You can even say something aloud while lighting your candles, like, "Please let all the wisdom I need today come to me."

Dried sage can also be used in a bundle, as can amber incense. Simply light it, blow out the flame and lead the smoke through your meditation area to cleanse it.

Be careful not to overwhelm your room with it. The purpose is meditation, not getting high on sage! After doing this, say, "I hereby release all negative energies, may only positive energies reside here!"

Your area is now cleansed of negativity and ready for meditation
and You have now set the stage for your psychic journey!

Peace and Prosperity

Annette Sassou, The Psychic Institute, 2006
About the Author
Annette Sassou is a Medium and Life Coach and She Makes Psychic Development Easy. Learn How to create Unstoppable Success and Receive Your Free 5-Part Mini-Course Visit:

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