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Awake, awake, oh sleeper!

By Cheryl Estorgio

It was a beautiful Monday at 6:30 in the morning; I could feel the wind blows on me. The sun begins to peep over the hills shine forth towards the entire panoramic view of the place. I could hear the singing of birds. There something unusual this day, the thought keep linger in my mind. My heart started to pound and beat faster. Why I am feeling this way? I am alone in this room unknowingly terrified. I started to find answers to my questions. Then I remember last night of the argument we had with my mother. She forbids me not to go to the party but I insisted, I did not pay attention to her word. So I walked away and enjoy the night dancing, drinking and doing some profane things. I got home late and yet so drunk, I went immediately to my room and shut the door closed. I could hear my mother sobbing in her room. I covered my ears with the pillow. Beyond that night, I didn't know what had happen and woke up with a strange feeling of unbelief.

I woke up feeling groggy and go to the kitchen to see my mother who used to cook our breakfast but I only saw her Bible lay on the table. I was wondering what had happen that day, I go back immediately upstairs hoping to see my three younger sisters but there was no one in the room. My heart keeps beating like a drum, my nerves begins to weaken and I cried aloud but I cannot utter even a simple word of anguish. So I go down outside only to see many people yelling and shouting for their missing love ones. I walked down the pavement to the store and read the newspaper: "MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE MISSING WORLDWIDE". I did not finished reading and run back to our house screaming with the notion, "Is the days of the Lord have come already? Am I the one was left? Oh! NO! No! I cried so loud with a repentance heart full of regrets but it was too late.

I went back hurriedly, beyond my abeyance, I slipped on the stairway and my head was hit on the floor. I felt the ache in my back and legs…..only to find out….I was awaken by a great nightmare, A BAD DREAM! I was feeling calm with a relief in my heart. It was only a dream but it may come to reality. Are you prepared for His coming? The answer is in your hand. THE LORD IS COMING!
About the Author
Cheryl Estorgio has specialization in Web Marketing and Content writing. She is also an expert in Link Building, Affordable Organic search engine optimization.And currently working on - filipina dating services in finding your soulmate online.

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Awake, awake, oh sleeper!
by Cheryl Estorgio

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