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Natural Herbal Acne Cures

By michael madigan

Do natural herbal acne cures work? Check
your PC, and you'll find that over-the counter
and prescription acne remedies can all have
possible unpleasant side effects.

So its tempting to believe that you can better
manage those troublesome spots with 'pure
natural herbal' acne treatment.

But is this the case?.

Lets have a look at some of the most popular
herbs that have been touted - sometimes for
hundreds of years around the world - as safe,
effective acne cures, plus any scientific research done on them.

If you decide to purchase any of these as
preparations, be sure to use them exactly as
advised. Consult beforehand with a
professional if you are pregnant, breast
feeding,or suffer from any medical condition
likely to be aggravated by usage.

Also - we all have individual reactions -
discontinue use of any herbal acne remedy
immediately if you suffer any bad reactions
whatever. Treat them as you would any other acne medication.

OK, Here are some top contenders

1/ Burdock The herb burdock (Arctium lappa),
popular in US, Asia and Europe for hundreds of
years as part of a popular drink as well as an
acne treatment. Be warned, its bitter on its
own! Can be bought as an extract, tablets or
in combination with other herbs like yellow
dock, and red clover.
There is evidence the tablets do have an
internal cleansing action, but no solid
scientific evidence, it does act as an acne

Though its a common weed, don't collect it
yourself, and only buy from reputable sources-
the roots of burdock closely resemble those of
belladonna or deadly nightshade (Atropa
belladonna), and there is some risk that
amateur burdock preparations could become
contaminated with these potentially
dangerous herbs.

There is also some evidence that burdock can
lower blood sugar. Hence those with diabetes
should avoid burdock as an acne treatment.

2/ Tea tree oil - this popular leaf extract from
one species (Melaleuca alternifolia) of the
Australian tea tree does seem to act as a
natural acne cure. A scientific trial compared
skin application of 5% tea tree oil to the most
common acne treatment, 5% benzoyl peroxide
(normally sold over the counter at 2-5%) for
common acne.

Although the tea tree oil acted more slowly
than benzoyl peroxide on spots, it had far
fewer unpleasant side effects and was
regarded as more effective overall.

Also, unlike benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil
doesnt bleach your clothes! It has caused
allergic reactions in some people,can dry the
skin when used alongside other acne
remedies, and should not be taken by mouth.

3/ Aloe - This herb has gained world wide
popularity a natural acne herbal remedy.Can
be applied as juice gel or ointment,or drunk
(bitter again), but does have a drying action
on the skin, so should be used with a
moisturizer. Said to be slow acting, taking 6
months or more.

So far there is some evidence that its good for
the bowels and has some anti-inflammatory
and wound healing action, but no conclusive evidence aloe is an effective herbal acne treatment

Side effects? Nothing major externally, but if taken internally, it's a laxative- so do not take high dosages

4/ Wild Basil Oil (Ocimum gratissimum) . Not
so popular with the herbalists, but a study
showed a 2% alcohol solution of Brazilian
Wild Basil Oil was a better acne treatment
than 10% benzoyl peroxide lotion!

You can already buy basil oil fro a herbalist,
or boil the leaves and apply a cooled poultice of the 'tea' to the affected parts.

I'm looking into herbal remedies for acne further...

So should you. Good luck!
About the Author
To read the other part of this report ,and gain further information on acne treatment and acne remedies, visit Mick Madigan's Acne Index at

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