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Choose an Over The Counter Acne Medicine For Mild Cases Of Acne

By Kenny King

Your Skin May Only Need an Average Acne Medicine

Acne seems to come at the worst time in life. A time when outward appearance is one of the most important factors of life. It can cause quite a bit of anxiety and the desire to rid the skin of pimples is sympathized with. With this desire comes the result of trying out different acne medicines.

The Two Main Anti-Acne Fighters

One of the leading ingredients used to fight acne is Benzoylperoxide. This ingredient is effective against P.acne, the bacteria that causes acne. It will also rid the skin of oils, drying the skin so it will peel. Though this may cause some discomfort, it helps renew the skin which will heal old acne marks.

Acne is essentially the clogging of pours. An excellent way to prevent this is with the chemical salicylic acid. This chemical will slow down the shedding of cells inside follicles. This process will prevent clogging, thus reducing the chance of acne. This helps with the very difficult acne conditions, such as blackheads and whiteheads.

Both of these ingredients are found in easy to find over the counter acne medicines. You can find them in popular stores in the form of face washes, ointments, gels, scrubs and astringents. If used properly and consistently, acne breakouts can be greatly reduced. Most of these are relatively inexpensive and have no harmful side effects.

Though acne is a great discomfort, especially if you are younger, it is not always wise to request prescription drugs. Dermatologists may recognize your anxiety and resort to drugs by default. You may be prescribed topical or oral antibiotics which are not only expensive acne medicines, but may also yield harmful side effects, including: photosensitivity, nausea and vomiting.

In conclusion, there are many approaches to treating acne, however, for mild cases, the use of an over the counter acne medicine may be the best choice. If you visit a dermatologist, be wary if is first response to your anxiousness is to prescribe strong, unnecessary drugs for a mild case of acne. Be patient. With time and proper care, your skin will clear up without having to depend on harsh chemicals or strong drugs.
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