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Foods that Lower Blood Glucose

By Waheed Elqalatawy

Are there foods that counteract the effect of other foods that release high amounts of glucose in the blood?. The answer is ,yes
there are many. Recognize them.

Glucose present in the blood is the result of ingesting foods
that release glucose from the gastrointestinal tract to the
circulation.During starvation, the body -mainly the liver-
released amounts of glucose are just sufficient to keep glucose
levels in the blood within the normal range.

Physiologically under normal conditions, Insulin is secreted in
response to glucose stimulation of the beta-cells of the pancreas
.To lower blood glucose, we have to either reduce the intake of
high glucose releasing foods, or stimulate the pancreas to
secrete more insulin.

Sometimes the pancreas B-cells ability to secrete Insulin is
partially or completely devastated leading to non insulin
dependent diabetes mellitus(NIDDM)-type ll-, or Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus(IDDM)
-type l-, respectively.

The other condition that may elevate blood glucose is what is
known as insulin-resistance, i.e.a reduced response of the body
cells to the effects of insulin resulting in reduced cell uptake
of glucose and causing the level of glucose in the blood to rise.

Since insulin effect is mediated through cell receptors, hence
any agent that modulate receptors so that their response to
insulin is enhanced , will result in enhancing glucose uptake by
the cells and lowering its blood level( actually this the way
many oral hypo-glycemic drugs act).
Many plants act this way of modulating cell receptors,cosequently
the traditionally used herbs or foods by diabetics are candidates
for modulating insulin receptors.

There are foods that affect the blood glucose loading capacity of
some other foods that release glucose into circulation quickly
i.e. these foods reduce the Glycemic Index of some other foods by
either :
1- Slowing the gastric emptying (decreased motility of the gastro-
intestinal tract) and thus slowing the rate at which glucose is
delivered to the circulation.
2- Holding the glucose(with other molecules) within a gel
consistency these foods form with water and also slow the rate of
glucose delivery to the circulation.

To summarise, foods that lower blood glucose may act through :-
1- Increasing the ability of pancreas cells to secrete insulin in
response to glucose stimulation.
2- Modulating the body cell receptors of insulin.
Onions, garlic,mustard and other cruciferous plants probably act
3- Decreasing insulin inactivation.
Onions, garlic probably act here.
4- Reducing the Glycemic Index of some foods.
Fenugreek may act here.
About the Author
Waheed Elqalatawy writes simple scientific articles on health topics.
if you want details of foods that lower blood glucose,visit:

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