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Murder Mystery: An Innovative party theme

By John Tarr

Everyone knows all about the concept behind a murder mystery. It is a genre based on the detection of the perpetrator of the murder. The murder mystery has captivated the minds of readers and viewers for ages. But what many people do not know is that murder mysteries have also added a lot of spice to innumerable dinner parties. No, there is no actual murder happening, all that happens is that a 'murder mystery' game is played and the partygoers have to solve the murder.

Sound interesting? It is. There are a host of ideas that can be incorporated to make the mock murder mystery interesting. A lot of planning does go into the hosting of a party with this theme, but the end result is highly exciting and makes for a great evenings entertainment. There are parties that can be organized wherein a series of different scenes take place through the course of the meal. Murder mysteries can be tailor-made to suit your each and every requirement. A times, these parties can also include dinner guests as the key actors of the plot.

So will the dastardly murder be solved in the end? Of course, it will, and there will be a prize at the end of it for the winner. Murder mystery parties or murder mystery games in parties; have got long-standing popularity. In the days gone by, English country houses saw some of these exciting games being played. Today, you can host a murder mystery party in your house. The parties can have a large cast of characters or can be held over a smaller platform. It all depends on the size of the dining area, hall, the house, and number of guests that are a part of the party.

Though the whole concept behind murder mystery games looks very confusing and complex, such games are very easy to host and arrange. Further more, they are great fun and will add dollops of excitement to the proceedings. As you may well have gauged, the murder mystery game is a clue-based game, where all the guests participate as suspects. Your guests can don the roles of a particular character and all of them are the important ingredients of the concoction that is the murder mystery game. The game begins with the recreation of events that will lead to murder. The next course of action would be to let the accusations fly and the step-by-step revelation of clues.

It is made sure that all the participants of this game have a clear motive for committing the fictional crime and to spice up their characterization, a few skeletons in their cupboard. In the end only the real murderer will not have a watertight alibi, while all the others will have one. At the end of the game, the truth is found with due diligence and the unspeakable crime is solved.

Murder mystery games will go a long way in making your party unique and a whole lot memorable. So if you planning to host a party then think about giving 'murder mystery' a shot.
About the Author
John Tarr is the writer of Murder Mystery themed party evenings from

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