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A New Breed of Social Networking

By Zachary Suchin

After close to a year of development, we are proud to finally
announce the national launch of our new social networking
site, College Tonight. Several months ago, we began
testing the site with a simple random sample of zoo animals
from nine different counties in southeastern Delaware and
it went over really well with them. Giraffes and pigeons
were getting loose like never before and we even saw a
lion hook-up with a flamingo (although his pride was
ashamed of him). They were actually a bit overzealous and
we realized it was time to move on. The next natural step
was to test College Tonight with human beings. For the
past several weeks, we have been beta testing the site at
8 schools in the City of Atlanta. This has enabled us to track
any bugs and refine the site for national release. In our first
5 days of beta testing, we had 500 users from across

Truly a one of a kind effort, College Tonight is the only
nightlife networking site on the internet for college
students, graduate students and alumni. However, College
Tonight is much more than a nightlife network. It is a way of
life, almost a religion of sorts (although the Pope might
frown upon a site like ours). For those who are saying, ¡°Oh
no, not another networking site. I can only take so much
social networking before I start developing a rash.¡± All we
can say is that we are on the forefront of innovation. We¡¯re
hipper, edgier and far more synergized than our creepy
competitors (and it¡¯s all about synergy, right?). We aren¡¯t
your grandfather¡¯s networking site. Tell the geriatrics to
walk down the hall and sign up for MySpace. Our features
aren¡¯t seen anywhere else on the internet¡­ period. If those
other sites encourage you to sit behind your boring desk in
a towel and drool over a picture of a girl you¡¯re interested
in, our site encourages you to take off that towel,
confidently throw it against the wall, nakedly parade down
the hall of your dorm/apartment/house for no apparent
reason, walk back to your room, put on nice shoes and a
button down, and go pick up that girl. Our site is for the go-
getters, the movers and shakers, the people who want to
enhance their social experience, not those who want to sit
around and check people¡¯s profiles to learn which works of
fiction their crush is currently grazing through. As other
networking sites you are familiar with get creepier and
creepier, we are the breath of fresh air you have been
waiting for.

As we continue development, there are some very exciting
things in store. We aren¡¯t interested in following in the
footsteps of those lame social networking sites you are
tired of or never had any interest in joining. We know what
young adults like. We know what young adults want. And
we¡¯re going to bring you just that.

About the Author
COLLEGE TONIGHT is the only nightlife networking site on the internet.

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