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Pest and Animal Control in Your Home

By Celina Carpenter

Home Pest and Animal Control

There's not a certainty in controlling pests. Regardless of the information you have, no matter how much you try to discourage future pest control issues, there is still a chance that you may have to handle a pest.

Since bugs and animals are typically rather resilient, some might find ways to live and thrive despite climates that for them aren't really very ideal. As our properties and homes move closer to their natural environments animal pests that are thought to be wild, like deer, raccoons and in some areas even alligators may enter your house or property scavenging for a food source.

That said, pest prevention can be worth it's weight and can often save headaches, cash and a lot of time. There are several standard means to prepare and maintain your home as a means to escape potential pest infestations.


Trim any trees or foliage that touch or overhang the home. Un pruned foliage and trees are perfect runways for bugs, mice and other animal pests to enter your house.


Since lights lure insects, outside lighting is a perfect invitation for pests to enter your house when your door is kept open for a few minutes. Use yellow patio or porch lighting and make certain that you keep your door closed (and correctly sealed with weather stripping) whenever you possibly can.

Food Storage

Store all open food in containers that are air tight, such as bird seed and pet food. Use plastic or glass for food storage versus bags or boxes made of cardboard. Mice and rats will gnaw right through paper and cardboard products and not only eat some of the food, but also spoil what they leave.

Entry Points

Carefully check both the outside and inside of your house for cracks and holes and seal and caulk them. It requires a little crack to provide insects access to your home, and rodents just need to have a quarter of an inch opening.


Basements, garages and attics are all easily allowed to get cluttered, but boxes and storage containers are excellent areas for rats, bugs and other animals to take refuge, and are exposed to pest infestations. A lot of disarray in an area can also make it difficult to search for possible pest problems and repair them.


Make certain that each of the windows in your home have screens with no holes or tears. Repair or change any broken ones.


Clear out gutters in the autumn to evade wood rot (which is breeding ground for ant pests), insects and spiders nesting in the dead leaves and other debris and attic leaks.

Water and Moisture

Examine your home for water leaks and correct any you locate fast. Since all living beings require water to survive, even small leaks will be an invitation to pests like mice, bugs and snakes.

Implementing these ideas with decent housekeeping methods will help you to limit infestations in your home, but definitely cannot guarantee that pests will never be a problem. At, we have done everything we can to compile information so you can successfully handle and inhibit home, garden and personal property pest infestations. If you find that a pest control problem on your land or in your home is more than you can maintain, hire a skilled professional close to you to quickly and carefully implement a program for pest control.
About the Author
Celina Carpenter is a content writer for that researches and writes about animal and pest control problems such as rodent control so that you can better stop and manage garden, home and land infestations.

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