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Enjoy Winter Gardening!

By Louanne Baelde

Winter gardening can be so much fun and extremely beneficial as well! Allocate a special space in your garden just for winter gardening.

If you are going to plant a crop following one that you had planted earlier, it's a good idea to feed the soil before hand. You want to give it the best shot that you can at being successful. Try mixing compost, leaf mulch or manure that is aged to your soil to keep it fertile.

Cool weather vegetables only take about one week to germinate therefore transplants can be started outdoors. It's best not to transfer them any later than the first week of September. This will allow the plants to develop good roots before the winter time and many upcoming frosts. You can also add compost or organic fertilizer in the hole whenever you go to plant. This will help a lot. Also, good drainage is extremely important.

Many winter plants just naturally reseed themselves year after year. This makes your job much easier and your crops more substantial!

Don't worry about whether your winter plants can withstand the cold. Remember that this is why they are called winter plants! They naturally pump sugar into their cells that works similar to that of an antifreeze. This is the reason why many winter vegetable plants like kale, leeks and brussel sprouts, do even better and taste much sweeter after frosts. Kale, peas, spinach, beets... are all vegetables that do fantastic in rainy, cooler temperatures.

Garlic can be planted in October in a sunny area. It's actually thrilling to pull a sweet carrot out of the garden in January or to cut fresh brussel sprouts from the snowy ground in February. Even pretty pansies can often survive in winter.

It is best to provide more space between your plants for winter gardening, than you would normally in the summer time. This provides for better air circulation and then you will have less dampness; less fungus and diseases with your plants. Watch for snails and slugs with your winter gardening. These often prefer dark, damp conditions.

Windbreaks and walls can lengthen the season for your crops.

Don't forget to brighten up your yards with beautiful colored berries. With the right planning, berry bushes can be enjoyed with their bright red, yellow and pale blue colors and add beauty to the drab winter months. Birds will also love your new winter additions.

The biggest advantage of all with planting winter vegetables is that there is no need for weeding or watering and most of all, no insects!
About the Author
Louanne freelances as a writer and is passionate about gardening. She welcomes you to visit for a large data base of extremely helpful gardening articles and gardening resources.

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