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Recruitment An International Industry

By Sarah Manners

Finding a great job is not as easy as it seems farming off your curriculum vitae to any one who will read it, going for interviews at sometimes rather inappropriate companies and then there's that stressful period waiting for the phone to ring with offers of employment. Sometimes it is just as difficult for those offering employment as it is for those seeking it. Finding the best qualified, most suitable candidate is by no means an easy feat. Recruitment agencies assist both clients and candidates in finding what they need.

Recruitment Agencies
International recruitment agencies have always played a part in the sourcing of top notch candidates. Over the last few years the part these agencies play has grown significantly. Many companies approach agencies when it comes to their staffing needs and many candidates wish to be represented by organisations that will be able to put them in contact with the right type of company. Many recruitment agencies specialise in certain areas and tend to know their area well.

There are a multitude of reasons a client would look to a recruitment agency for their staffing needs. Often companies are quite small and do not have access to personnel or suitably equipped personnel to deal with their own recruitment. Large companies running their own recruitment campaign could be a rather costly experience. Often companies prefer to keep their recruitment activities out of the public arena, this is to avoid losing current staff to other areas of the company and to keep their activities concealed from their competitors. To avoid the man hours taken up by advertising positions, reading all of the applications that they produce and then interviewing, companies often turn to recruitment agencies. The agencies then pre-select the most suitable candidates for that specific position and the company then has the opportunity to interview the best for the job!

By going to a recruitment agency you are more likely to find a job that suits you. The agency extensively interviews you and can assist you with your curriculum vitae. They then pass your CV along to the job that is most suitable to your needs and qualifications. Agencies take care of your needs and find possible jobs that would best suit you. By finding employment through a recruitment agency you can easily avoid the majority of stresses that come with finding a job.

Types of Recruitment Agencies
There are roughly four types of recruitment agencies operating in the market at the moment. Local Agencies offer permanent and temporary positions in a variety of companies within a specific region. These agencies tend to have specialised knowledge of the labour market. Specialist agencies deal with employment in very specific market sectors such as finance, advertising and IT. Some of these agencies specialise in certain types of jobs rather than markets, such as manual labour and secretarial. National Agencies operate via their offices as well as via the web. These agencies are used by many companies and organisations, particularly when trying to fill specialised vacancies or if there are a shortage of candidates in the region which the company operates. International Recruitment Agencies are the fourth and final variety. These agencies facilitate international recruitment finding clients the most suitable candidates in the world, literally!

International Recruitment
We live in a global village consisting of hundreds of languages, races, cultures and interests. Many job seekers are now looking further away for the possibility of employment in a new and challenging environment. It is important however that you are suitably matched to the location as well as the company you chose to work in. It is not only vital to your progress but to the company who hires you as well, especially when it comes to language. Many recruitment agencies are now operating internationally; this has been made possible by the fantastic technological advancements of our generation. International recruitment agencies not only help candidates to find a great job in the country they desire but allow companies access to the greatest pool of qualified and suitable candidates on the planet.
About the Author
Bilinguagroup specialises in international recruitment of personnel across all industries. They also provide companies based around the globe with translations in all languages and for all industries. As leaders in the language market they offer an excellent fast and accurate service - helping your business run fluently around the globe.

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