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Drawing Tutorial

By Justin Grover

Want to learn to draw? Well this drawing tutorial will tell you how to go about learning to draw. Drawing is an art that takes place in many media formats, and uses a variety of tools with each format. Within each format there are varied styles and techniques. Drawing is both technical and artistic. This drawing tutorial will help you understand what you need to learn to master both the technical and artistic sides of drawing.


The types of media that are available to draw on are almost endless. You can draw on paper, on the computer, or even on your walls. There are endless possibilities for drawing if you just use your imagination. The first step to drawing is determining what medium you want to learn. It can be any medium whether it be with Flash, a piece of paper or on your mothers wall, it doesn't. Once you decide what medium you are going to learn, try to find a good drawing tutorial for that medium.


As you look for a drawing tutorial for your chosen medium. Try to determine the kinds of tools that you will need for that medium. Drawing on the computer is quite different that drawing on a piece of paper and it requires different tools. As figure out what tools you need, write them down so that you can remember them. Try to get good tools they will make or break your experience. Your tools don't have to be the most expensive but they should be good. Techniques

This Drawing tutorial does not focus on drawing techniques as they are different with every medium. However, as you find a new technique make a note of what it was and where you found it. You may not use all of the techniques and tricks that you find right away but it is good to have a list of them so that you can go back and find them when you start a project that requires a certain technique.

Determining what to draw

Determining what to draw is the hardest part of drawing. Remember the sky is the limit. If you are just starting find something simple to draw then find a drawing tutorial that will walk you through the steps of drawing. This will help you learn the techniques of drawing and give you confidence to draw. Sometimes it is helpful to look through the drawing tutorials that are available and choose one that you like.

These steps are somewhat sequential but as you advance in you drawing ability you will find that they become considerations rather than set steps. As you get better you will find that the drawing tutorials start moving away from how to draw the whole object to drawing the individual parts and you will just have to put the parts together in the way that you think is best. Finally you will get to the point where don't need a drawing tutorial at all.
About the Author
Justin Grover- 10xMarketingMore Visitors –More Buyers –More Revenue, if you would like to find a drawing tutorial or Digital Drawing or a flash tutorial please visit Cartoon Solutions.

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