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The iPod Shuffle

By Thomas Manning

If it's not wireless, it's from the dark ages.  Wireless technology have given us everything from remote controls to cell phones.  And now it's taken over our entertainment systems.  In addition to being wireless, many electronic devices fit in the palm of your hand.  These market forces have led Apple to create it's wildly successful iPod.

The iPod's small size and ability to store large amounts of music and video files make it so popular.  The iPod is small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket!  Massive storage capacity of up to 60GB+ allows iPod owners to transfer their entire CD and DVD collections to the iPod and make it a mobile entertainment center.  But the convenience of an iPod does not carry a small price tag.  In fact, the high price prevents some from owning one.  But if you really want one, there's got to be a way.

Certainly the iPod is a luxury item and not as necessary as a cellphone might be.  A cellphone can get you out of a find if you get a flat tire in a remote area and need to call for help.  Still, it's nice to enjoy the finer things in life.

You may be surprised if you think you can't afford an iPod.  There are so many iPods to choose from that surely on of them will meet your needs.  It's just a matter of wading through the myriad of choices and finding the iPod for you.

The 512 MB iPod shuffle is the most affordable iPod available. At an average of 4 minutes per song, the iPod shuffle can hold 120 songs.  That's 8 hours of music.  Sure it would be nice to have  hours of music, but do you really need it?   songs should be plenty for most people.  The Apple iPod shuffle costs about  dollars as opposed to + for the latest model video iPod.

The more storage you want in your iPod, the more you'll pay for it.   While different models have different bells and whistles, the biggest factor in the price is still the amount of audio and video that can be stored on the iPod.

If  songs isn't quite enough for you, consider stepping up to the GB iPod shuffle.  The extra storage space is worth the small price increase.  Now your iPod will be able to hold 16 hours of music - that's 240 4 minute songs.   For a small price you can double your listening pleasure.  And that's a good investment.

Here's the bottom line:.  If you know how to find a budget Apple iPod, can enjoy the benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost.  And now you know how to find a budget iPod.

About the Author
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