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Free-standing And Lean-to Greenhouses

By Matthew Anthony

if makes no difference whether a greenhouse is freestanding or attached (lean-to) it is one of the most popular types of garden buildings in use today. It is a self-contained structure in back garden or yard, which helps the home enthusiast grow in dry summers or cold winters. It serves the practical purpose of extending your garden, prolonging the growing season and aiding your gardening hobby. A greenhouse can also add something to a property. For example, a beautifully built timber greenhouse also adds to the beauty of your surroundings.

Freestanding greenhouses and attached greenhouses (or lean-to greenhouses) are the two main types of greenhouses that you can construct in your back garden or yard. The difference is fairly obvious. Freestanding greenhouses are wholly independent structures. Attached greenhouses are precisely that - attached!. This means that an attached greenhouse does have the advantage of instant water, heat and light from the properties utilities. Also, they is no need to alter or disturb your landscaped garden. On the other hand, freestanding greenhouses require separate heating systems, water and electricity that may increase your initial expenses of setting up such a greenhouse. Freestanding greenhouses are generally preferred to attached greenhouses, as they pose no limitations on size, space and location. You do have more flexibility with a freestanding greenhouse.

You do need to provide freestanding greenhouses some protection by constructing them at a suitable site or providing additional shading like shade-cloths during the warmer months. A shade helps avoid overheating a greenhouse in the warmer months. This risk is usually present in freestanding greenhouses, since they are not as shaded as lean-to attached greenhouses. The latter share a wall with the permanent structure and thus receive adequate shade. This same feature works in the favour of freestanding greenhouses during the cooler months as they get maximum all-round exposure to the sun. Its small wonder then, that freestanding greenhouses are the most common type of greenhouses in use.

A lean-to greenhouse is attached (leans to) a building, garage or house, using the existing structure for one or more of its sides. It gets its name simply because its support is aided by another structure. Apart from the ease in which heat, light and water can be provided the other major advantage is its accessibility. You can tend to your plants at anytime of day without having to brave the elements to get there. You can therefore give them the attention they deserve.

About the Author
The author is also a regular contributor to greenhouse information and patios and decking.

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