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201.Corporate Training Through Distance Learning by Tim Henry
Businesses are always looking for effective and ineffective ways to train their employees. Their needs range from orientation to apprenticeships, to sales and communications, through to technical and professional skills training. What they have found is that distance learning can meet all of ...
[Added: 08 Sep 2005   Hits: 289   Words: 415]

202.Defining Moments by Mark Susnow
Take a second and think about your life. Think about who you are, what you are doing and the people in your life. How satisfied are you? All of your past experiences, the people you have met and the choices ...
[Added: 08 Sep 2005   Hits: 310   Words: 896]

203.So You Want To Be A Consultant? by Matt Bacak
Let's say you have more than 20 years experience in your chosen field. For the sake of this article, let's say you have been in the nonprofit field for 25 years and are at the ...
[Added: 05 Sep 2005   Hits: 269   Words: 736]

204.Open New Doors With A College Education by Mark Freeman
More data and research shows that a college education not only increases a graduate's earning power but also open new doors and opportunities that would not exist before they completed their degree. But first the important stuff, the money. On average college and universities can make up ...
[Added: 05 Sep 2005   Hits: 341   Words: 427]

205.The Value Of A College Education by Jeff Slokum
It costs a lot to go to college or university and the increasing costs have many wondering if there is real value to a college education. Is the cost of tuition, the time lost to full-time employment, and the thousands of ...
[Added: 05 Sep 2005   Hits: 311   Words: 412]

206.A Look At Some Out of the Ordinary Jobs by Edwina Fits
What do you want to be when you grow up? Chances are if you ask that question in any third grade class, your answers will include at least one fireman, one policeman, one cowboy and an assortment of other jobs that are glamorized on ...
[Added: 02 Sep 2005   Hits: 274   Words: 784]

207.Paying For A College Education The Army Way by Tim Henry
The United States Army is one of the most organizations in the country at not only promoting higher education for its members and recruits, but in assisting them to pay for it as well. They offer a number of programs to all qualified applicants whether they are an active duty ...
[Added: 02 Sep 2005   Hits: 315   Words: 409]

208.Good Reasons To Get A College Education by Norman Fleming
If you decide that you want to choose your own career and learn how to be an expert in that field you will almost certainly have to have a college education. A college degree is a prerequisite for many professions and without one you may not even get ...
[Added: 01 Sep 2005   Hits: 928   Words: 415]

209.Getting Ready For Your College Education by Samuel Murray
Most experts recommend that as soon as you enter high school you should start thinking about high school. You don't have to pick a college or program that you would like to apply for right away but you might as well take ...
[Added: 01 Sep 2005   Hits: 346   Words: 415]

210.Your Resume Format - What Is The First Thing You Need To Do? by David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green The first thing you need to do before you write your resume is learn how to format it. Just as if you were cooking a new dish you would follow a recipe, so ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 280   Words: 483]

211.How To Write A Resume, Avoid These Resume Mistakes by David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green HOW TO WRITE A RESUME-MISTAKE #1 NEVER USE THE WRONG PAPER! What kind of paper should you choose when typing your resume? The color of paper you will want ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 287   Words: 651]

212.How To Type A Resume For Employers by David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green Learning how to type a resume may feel like a daunting task. Even the most affluent writers have asked themselves, how to type a mind-blowing resume. Follow the tips in ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 383   Words: 540]

213.Targeting Your Resume is So Important For Your Career by David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green Targeting your portfolio, (resume and cover letter) can get you any job you desire! The purpose of targeting is so you can find your perfect match, your dream job! To target successfully, ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 624]

214.More Ways To Use The Taxation System To Pay College Education Costs by Terry Lowery
In addition to Education IRAs and federal tax credits there are many other ways to use the taxation system to pay for the high and increasing costs of a college education. You need to consider all of these tax benefits in order to ensure that you can benefit ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 386   Words: 473]

215.Be Happier And Healthier With A College Education by Steve Wilcott
Be Happier and Healthier With A College Education It has always been clear that a college graduate could make more money than a high school graduate but new research is showing that college degree holders and ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 387   Words: 451]

216.The Cost Of A College Education by Simon Harris
The costs of a college education continue to rise like a hot air balloon and many fear that they will soon be beyond their reach. Some experts have estimated that the cost of an average four year ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 308   Words: 438]

217.Continuing Education Online by Tim Henry
All you need to get started in continuing education online is a computer with Internet access and an appetite to learn. Once you have those things you can begin your journey in distance learning on ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 268   Words: 443]

218.Road Warrior by Mike Stanton-Rich
I've got this friend; we'll call him Bob, because that's his name. He works for a global company with offices all over the world. They sent him to Japan a few years ago so that he could be closer to his ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 296   Words: 753]

219.Full Life by Mike Stanton-Rich
I've got this friend we'll call her Jill. We'll call her Jill because that could be her name. Jill is leading a very full life. She is married to a go-getter workaholic. She has a career of her own. She and Mr. Jill have 2.2 kids, live in a ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 641]

220.Boat Insurance by Jonathon
While thinking about insurance for a major purchase like a car is commonplace, a boat isn't something that immediately comes to mind when considering insurance coverage. Boats are very expensive investments and choosing the right kind of boat insurance from ...
[Added: 24 Aug 2005   Hits: 270   Words: 669]

221.The Key To Learning Happens After Class Is Over by Elise Royal
Many things happen during a lecture. The previous night's homework is reinforced, new concepts are introduced, and clarification of confusing topics take place. It seems like a lot of work for an hour or two of your time. Once ...
[Added: 22 Aug 2005   Hits: 283   Words: 631]

222.Convenience Of Online Degrees by Kelly Gillis
Today, more than ever, it's easier and more convenient to obtain a degree than ever before. This is thanks to the prevalence of online degree and distance learning programs now widely available. Statistics show that 56% ...
[Added: 21 Aug 2005   Hits: 306   Words: 398]

223.Juggling Career, Family, Consider Online Education by Hana Lee
Finding the time to do it all - career, family, continue education? Having trouble jugging? Some problems in this area that people face are very similar to those of the beginning juggler. According to The Instant Jugglers' Manual, (c)1993 Infinite ...
[Added: 19 Aug 2005   Hits: 374   Words: 439]

224.Personality Testing; Myth and Realities by Saqib Ali Ateel
It is commonly believed myth that personality testing instruments can measure your personality and predict your future behaviors. The pre-employment testing mechanism has been following this creed without any solid evidence. The testing industry claims all out validity. The educational ...
[Added: 18 Aug 2005   Hits: 453   Words: 733]

225.Quick Tip: Writing A Resume by Donna Monday
You've just found a few jobs that you're interested in applying for, but now you realize you need a new resume to really get your foot in the door. While you can find lots of help writing a resume online ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 350   Words: 274]

226.Quick Tip: How to Dress for An Interview by Donna Monday
Got an interview and wondering what to wear? Fortunately, this is one of those articles about how to dress for an interview. Maybe you've heard of dress for success job interview sites. While there may ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 562   Words: 324]

227.Get Free Interview Tips Online by Donna Monday
Looking to get hired? You're in luck if you have access to the Internet. Thanks to our modern information age, you can quickly find all kinds of useful job interview tips that will help you prepare for that ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 363   Words: 248]

228.7 Tips for Writing Winning Resume Cover Letters by Donna Monday
Writing a good resume cover letter is something you should seriously consider when preparing to send off your resume to potential employers. Here are seven important cover letter writing tips: 1) Address the individual by name. ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 396   Words: 212]

229.5 Simple Rules for A Great Job Interview by Donna Monday
Many years ago, when I was a young job-searching greenhorn, I ventured to New York City to take a bite out of the big apple of opportunity. When it came to finding a job in a crowded city of millions, I quickly learned that ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 401   Words: 411]

230.Traveling for An Interview? 10 Tips to Get You From Here to There by Donna Monday
You've just been granted an on-site interview in another town. Hurray! This means you'll be traveling to an employer's location so that they can further evaluate you for a specific job position. Before you make any travel arrangements, it's a good idea to discuss who will be paying ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 395   Words: 297]

231.Chicken Soup for Job Seekers by Madhurima Sil
Do you want to change your job but don’t know the right way to go about it? Are you vacillating between waiting for your dream job or accepting the first one that comes your ...
[Added: 12 Aug 2005   Hits: 307   Words: 836]

232.3 Steps To Make It Big In Hollywood! (Part 2) by Ray W. Plummer
First and foremost, you have to have an inner love for writing. You have to sit down and type away without anyone forcing you to do it. Grab a copy of your favorite Steven Spielberg films, some ...
[Added: 11 Aug 2005   Hits: 288   Words: 535]

233.Are You Saying 'Yes" to Life? by Eve Delunas, Ph.D.
I used to be hung-up on the need to be successful. That is, until I took a daring step into the unknown and discovered the difference between attaining success and successful living. While others achieve transcendence while trekking ...
[Added: 04 Aug 2005   Hits: 319   Words: 862]

234.Working As A Wedding Photographer by Hana Lee
One of the most rewarding aspects of a photographer's career can be capturing moments and memories from the weddings of loving and happy couples. In fact, making sure that each and every shot, whether candid or ...
[Added: 04 Aug 2005   Hits: 359   Words: 511]

235.You're Ready For A Career Change… Is Your Resume? by Heather Eagar
You finally did it. You made the decision to leave a career that makes you dread every Monday morning and pursue one that you feel is your true calling. Congratulations! Making the decision was the ...
[Added: 03 Aug 2005   Hits: 311   Words: 680]

236.Awaken the Leader in You: 10 Easy Steps to Develop Your Leadership Skills by Sharif Khan
"The miracle power that elevates the few is to be found in their industry, application, and perseverance, under the promptings of a brave determined spirit." - Mark Twain Many motivational experts like to say that leaders are made, not born. I would argue the ...
[Added: 27 Jul 2005   Hits: 311   Words: 1427]

237.How to create a thriving prosperous life... by Jo Ball
You only have to look around you at your friends, family and colleagues to see that there is an abundance of people who have talents, yet many are held back by a mortgage, a family, lack of confidence or some other reason. Deep inside us we all have a ...
[Added: 26 Jul 2005   Hits: 345   Words: 471]

238.The Surprising Secret of a "Lone Wolf" Who's Sold Over $25.7 Million Worth of Products by Dan Lok
For the past month now, you've been hearing me "Rant" about all kinds of different business and marketing topics. Well today, I'm doing something a little different. Rather than rant, I want to RAVE: about a person and a process. But first, let me tell you a ...
[Added: 22 Jul 2005   Hits: 344   Words: 767]

239.Listening Techniques For More Effective Meetings, Part II by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.
In Part I of this article, we discussed the importance of active listening, and how it is important for smooth and effective meetings. In the process, we touched on the topic of reflective listening. Reflective listening is a valuable means of ensuring that ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 430   Words: 533]

240.Listening Techniques For More Effective Meetings, Part I by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.
We all know what it’s like when a meeting doesn’t go smoothly. Discussions get derailed, tempers start to fray, and things are seldom resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. In such situation, the problem is often the result of poor communication—and poor communication is ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 470   Words: 472]

241.Is Pursuing a Career in Patent Law the Right Move for You? by Lisa Parmley
Did you know that you might be eligible to gain entry into the field of patent law even without a law degree? The basic requirements are a degree in a technology-related field and the will to pass the Patent Bar Exam. ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 335   Words: 918]

242.Set Your Psychological Default Mode On Success by Eve Delunas, Ph.D.
Life has a way of challenging us with the unexpected. A deal falls through at the last minute. An employee quits when we need him most. We lose our most important account without warning. No matter how hard we try to control life's circumstances, these ...
[Added: 14 Jul 2005   Hits: 337   Words: 841]

243.Face Your Career Fears Head On by Deborah Brown-Volkman
Is there something in your career that you really want, but you are afraid to go after it? Fear is normal. We all experience it at certain points in our career. Maybe it's the new job we wanted to apply for, but were afraid we would ...
[Added: 07 Jul 2005   Hits: 263   Words: 818]

244.How Can I Learn Spanish? by Ben Shar
To learn Spanish, you could invest a lot of money in a college education in which you could earn a degree in the language. You would end up very fluent and very well versed in the history of it. But, this is costly and, well, time consuming. If ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2005   Hits: 314   Words: 346]

245.Getting Scholarships by Ben Shar
Going to college? Or, are you hoping to? The cost of universities and colleges has become outrageous. It takes a lot of money to get a solid education these days. But, one way of offsetting the cost of schooling is through the ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2005   Hits: 313   Words: 322]

246.Online College Degrees by Catherine Olivia
Online and distance degrees are gaining in popularity. Many people find the flexibility offered with distance learning is a huge benefit while trying to juggle the demands of everyday life. Many traditional college institutions are now offering their traditional college couses online as well as some graduate and undergraduate degree ...
[Added: 01 Jul 2005   Hits: 298   Words: 436]

247.Are You In The Wrong Job? by Deborah Brown-Volkman
Are you happy when you come to work in the morning, or happy when it is time to go home? Do you look forward to Friday, and then get knots in your stomach on Sunday ...
[Added: 01 Jul 2005   Hits: 380   Words: 530]

248.The Interview - A Few Tips for Making a Great First Impression by John Harbison
Searching for employment is one of the most nerve-racking activities to engage in. As if the direct need for income is not stressful enough, the process of writing a résumé, networking in your industry, and applying for jobs can leave anyone shaking ...
[Added: 30 Jun 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 352]

249.What is My Life Purpose? by Jo Ball
Why am I here? If you haven’t already asked this question, I’m sure you will. Sooner or later most of us do. It’s not an easy question to answer. It’s broad in terms of possibility. Right now you ...
[Added: 29 Jun 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 628]

250.You Are Not Entitled to a Job! by John Harbison
Résumé Tips Some basics about job hunting... First of all, nobody owes you a job! This obvious fact is often overlooked by the eager job hunter -- at least for a couple of months -- when he or she gives up looking for a ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 256   Words: 424]

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