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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Donna Monday
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1.Mix It Up! A Salad Boost Can Keep You Healthy
All the health experts agree that you need to eat lots of vegetables to benefit from a variety of nutrients that your body needs to stay fit and strong. Many people often skip eating vegetables because maybe they don't like the taste, or just don't want to bother cooking them. ...
[Added: 22 Aug 2006   Hits: 1003   Words: 461]

2.The 10 Most Fattening Cocktails
You're at your favorite cocktail lounge or nightclub unwinding with friends after work. You've already eaten dinner and now you look forward to enjoying good friends, laughter, and your favorite cocktail drink. Before you order ...
[Added: 22 Aug 2006   Hits: 1320   Words: 459]

3.Earth to Adsense Newbies: Slow Down!
The Washington Post recently published an article featuring many ordinary people who've become financially successful due to displaying Google Adsense ads on their web site. These folks are pulling in $10,000 to $40,000 a month. They are definitely stars ...
[Added: 22 Aug 2006   Hits: 466   Words: 479]

4.Grow Your Adsense Piggy Bank: $30 to $300 A Month
Maybe you've had your own "Aha" moment with Google Adsense. I had mine earlier this year when I realized I could make more than just pocket change by featuring those now familiar ad blocks on my websites. ...
[Added: 10 Dec 2005   Hits: 796   Words: 2164]

5.Best Cookies: Sweet Potato Spice Bars
If you love sweet potato pie and candied yams, you'll rave over these sweet potato cookie bars. Each bite contains golden raisins, spices, and sweet potatoes, topped off with rich cream cheese. Comfort food never ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 446   Words: 216]

6.Best Recipes: World's Best Cookies
Every once in a while a cookie comes along that is so delicious it deserves a special title. This cookie recipe has certainly earned a place in the cookie lover's hall of fame. To find out whether these are really the world's ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 438   Words: 255]

7.No Bake Cookies Are Easy to Make and Fun to Eat
Got an urge for a homemade cookie snack but don't feel like mixing up a bunch of ingredients and baking? No problem. Whip up a batch of no bake cookies to satisfy your hunger craving. No bake cookies are easy to make and involve only a few simple ingredients. ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 398   Words: 200]

8.Holiday Candy Canes Are Festive and Fun
Candy canes are everyone's favorite holiday treat. Just think about how versatile they are. Not only do candy canes look great hanging from Christmas trees, but their versatility makes them perfect for all kinds of decorative ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 337   Words: 258]

9.Quick Tip: Writing A Resume
You've just found a few jobs that you're interested in applying for, but now you realize you need a new resume to really get your foot in the door. While you can find lots of help writing a resume online for free ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 350   Words: 274]

10.Quick Tip: How to Dress for An Interview
Got an interview and wondering what to wear? Fortunately, this is one of those articles about how to dress for an interview. Maybe you've heard of dress for success job interview sites. While there may be more details ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 562   Words: 324]

11.Get Free Interview Tips Online
Looking to get hired? You're in luck if you have access to the Internet. Thanks to our modern information age, you can quickly find all kinds of useful job interview tips that will help you prepare for that very important upcoming interview. Due ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 363   Words: 248]

12.7 Tips for Writing Winning Resume Cover Letters
Writing a good resume cover letter is something you should seriously consider when preparing to send off your resume to potential employers. Here are seven important cover letter writing tips: 1) Address the individual by name. If you don't ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 396   Words: 212]

13.5 Simple Rules for A Great Job Interview
Many years ago, when I was a young job-searching greenhorn, I ventured to New York City to take a bite out of the big apple of opportunity. When it came to finding a job in a crowded city of millions, I quickly learned that it's much easier on one's ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 401   Words: 411]

14.Traveling for An Interview? 10 Tips to Get You From Here to There
You've just been granted an on-site interview in another town. Hurray! This means you'll be traveling to an employer's location so that they can further evaluate you for a specific job position. Before you make any travel arrangements, it's a good idea to discuss who will ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 395   Words: 297]

15.Best Recipes: Classic Jello Milkshake
Everything goes better with Jello. I think I remember an advertising slogan that said something like that. And our favorite gelatin really does go well with all kinds of dishes. Jello has got to be one of the most versatile foods ever invented. I’m sure you’ve ...
[Added: 03 Aug 2005   Hits: 463   Words: 256]

16.Best Recipes: I Love Strawberries Milkshake
I love strawberries! Do you? If so, then you’ll love this recipe for making a strawberry milkshake. I remember how much fun it was as a little girl to go and pick fresh strawberries in the field. There’s nothing more enjoyable than adding ...
[Added: 03 Aug 2005   Hits: 341   Words: 270]

17.8 Most Popular Online Degree Programs
We now live in a world where any kind of information imaginable is at our fingertips. For those looking to better their careers, earning an online degree, or certificate, offers the convenience of an accredited educational ...
[Added: 27 Jul 2005   Hits: 340   Words: 382]

18.10 Great Online Degree Programs
Contemplating earning a degree online? Depending on the course of study and field of specialization you’re interested in, there are lots of accredited degree programs that offer an excellent and convenient educational experience. There are over a hundred ...
[Added: 27 Jul 2005   Hits: 384   Words: 383]

19.Online Degrees: Stay Home and Get Smarter
We all know that an education can improve your standing in life. A college degree can increase your opportunity to enjoy a better standard of living, and also bring you career fulfillment. But what if you don’t have the time or ability to quit your job and go ...
[Added: 27 Jul 2005   Hits: 343   Words: 335]

20.Why Buy a Cell Phone When You Can Get One Free?
If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, now days you don’t have to plop down your hard earned money for the latest new cell phone styles unless you are looking for a phone ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 426   Words: 447]

21.The Hottest Beauty Trend Isn't for Women: It's Skin Care for Men
Not too long ago, it used to be that when a woman brought home her facial scrub, cleanser, and toner, she could be sure that the closest her man got to them was reaching over those fancy jars for his can of shaving cream. ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 377   Words: 249]

22.Quick Tips for Applying Eye Makeup
Ever since Queen Nefertiti first lined her eyes with black coal, women have been using makeup to emphasize the beauty of their eyes. If you are looking for eye makeup tips or eye makeup ideas for a dramatic eye make up look ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 344   Words: 364]

23.Three All-Natural Homemade Facials
I bet you have in your kitchen right now the ingredients to make several homemade facials. Homemade recipes for facials have been popular for ages - beauty recipes were used by women in Ancient Egypt and Greece. While homemade egg ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 326   Words: 212]

24.Using the Right Skin Cleansers for Your Skin Type
Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin, it’s very important that you choose the right type of skin cleansers for your skin type to obtain maximum results. There is a dazzling array of skin cleansers on ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 342   Words: 290]

25.How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyles for your Face
There must be a million and one ways to style our hair. If you like your hair styled short, there are short hair styles for women, short hairstyles for men, short curly hair styles, short black hair styles, celebrity short hair styles, etc. ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 718   Words: 269]

26.To Get That Famous Hair Cut You Gotta Ask
There you are sitting at your dining room table with all those pictures of hair cuts spread out in front of you. You’ve managed to narrow it down to a few cuts and styles for hair that look just like your favorite celebrity. You’re trying to ...
[Added: 25 Jul 2005   Hits: 303   Words: 274]

27.The Bigger the Carat the Better the Wedding?
Ahh . . . sweet romance. The flowers. The chocolate. The late night whispers of “I love you.” For most people in love, the culmination of months of togetherness and special friendship comes down to one single moment: The marriage proposal - - ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 326   Words: 338]

28.Design Your Own Beautiful Wedding Ring
It used to be that if you wanted to buy a nice custom-made wedding ring, you’d have to visit some fancy high-end jewelry store and be willing to part with a large portion of your wedding budget. Well that’s still the case for some people, but ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 330   Words: 307]

29.The Engagement Ring Bling
How much should you spend on a diamond engagement ring? $100? $1000? How about a whopping $1 million? That’s what Donald Trump just spent on an engagement ring for his lovely new wife, ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 401   Words: 277]

30.Hot Wedding Trend: Platinum Wedding Rings
In our hungry-for-anything new pop culture world, celebrities are often the ones that can start a hot fashion trend seemingly overnight. With their heavy media exposure, they are often photographed wearing the latest styles in fashion and jewelry. ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 318   Words: 215]

31.Replacing Your Lost Wedding Ring
Imagine it’s Halloween evening and you’ve just gone to the door to greet another eager child with your big bag of trick-or-treat candy. You look down at the grinning costumed child with a smile and share some ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 332   Words: 397]

32.Wonderful White Gold Wedding Rings
The elegant and sophisticated look of glittering, gleaming gold. There’s nothing quite like it. Some people never grow tired of the look of pure gold jewelry. Gold, being our most precious metal, is often a first ...
[Added: 21 Jul 2005   Hits: 330   Words: 272]

33.Hawaii's Top Ten Sun-In-The-Fun Beaches
# 10) Waikiki Beach – One of Hawaii’s most popular beaches, Waikiki attracts over 4 million tourists a year. Two miles of sun-drenched beach on Oahu’s coastline offers memorable vistas and great people watching. Explore Diamond Head Crater, or get your ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 343   Words: 596]

34.Catch a Wave the Hawaii Way
When you’re on the deck of your cruise ship off the coast of Hawaii, you may just catch a glimpse of some dedicated surfers riding on top of a tall wave. Watch the sun beat down on their glistening backs as ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 332   Words: 263]

35.5 Tips for a Great Fashion Fit
Ladies, have you ever been in a department store dressing room and talked yourself into buying an outfit that looked great – on someone else? Face it. If it doesn’t fit right in the dressing room, it won’t ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 386   Words: 281]

36.Got A Closet Full of Trendy Clothes? Watch Out!
You just bought a pair of Ugg boots to go with your hip hugger jeans and trucker cap. And that’s not all. You scour the fashion magazines for the latest trends, then go running out to fill your closet. Trendy is good, ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 1198   Words: 305]

37.Fashion Trend Report: The New Basic is Anything But Black
We all have it in our closets. Black – the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that’s good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it’s time expand our wardrobe options into colorful uncharted ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 416   Words: 313]

38.Plus Size Fashion Trend: Feminine Chic
A new fashion year is here and so are the latest styles for women looking to freshen up their wardrobes. Ladies, good news. Femininity is back! From the office to casual wear, you can show off the power of ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 493   Words: 339]

39.The Women's Plus Size Clothing Revolution
Once upon a time, not too long ago, if you were a woman who wore clothes over a size 14 your clothing choices were limited to cheap looking, baggy and unattractive clothes that made you look old before your time. My how times ...
[Added: 19 Jul 2005   Hits: 1026   Words: 618]

40.Are You Prepared for Mega Success?
Did you hear the news? Oprah Winfrey’s a billionaire! Congratulations Oprah. Now I bet you’re wondering to yourself. “How did a black woman, who came from humble beginnings in Mississippi, make it to the “Billionaire Boy’s Club”? You ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 311   Words: 484]

41.Help! My Computer's Being Invaded
Have you heard of the movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”? Yeah, it’s as silly as it sounds. But, wait a minute now. The Internet is becoming as hazardous as one of those bad sci-fi flicks. There used to be a ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 334   Words: 476]

42.Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Baskets
Everyone loves to receive a gift basket. Corporate gift baskets are often given by businesses to their customers as a token of their appreciation. However, most gift baskets are person to person expressions of love and friendship. You ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 305   Words: 441]

43.Smooth Refreshing Smoothies
More people today are discovering the healthy benefits of drinking a delicious, refreshing smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead of soda pop at your next meal or diet cola, consider whipping up a smoothie made with fresh fruit, yogurt, skim milk or juice. Smoothies will ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 284   Words: 235]

44.How to Build A Niche Web Site in 9 Simple Steps
Maybe you’ve been wondering how to go about setting up a niche web site. Well, here’s a quick little article that will show you how to create your very own affiliate web site. Please note: this is the cheat sheet version. There is a ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 318   Words: 1113]

45.Is Your Niche Site A Real Lemon?
By now many of you have heard about the advantages of building niche web sites to promote the selling of products and services online. Indeed, building a targeted niche site is a very smart idea. ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 305   Words: 429]

46.There's An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute
Step right up and get your free easy moneymaking opportunities! Come on ladies and gents, see the amazing home Internet based business opportunity! Make incredible huge amounts of money on the Internet! It’s almost that time of year again when that greatest show ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 316   Words: 666]

47.The Truth About Easy Affiliate Income
If you’ve spent any amount of time online pursuing opportunities to make money online, you know that affiliate marketing associate programs are very popular. Affiliate online opportunity programs are very appealing to those looking to make money ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 342   Words: 597]

48.A Coke And A Smile: Should You Sell An Image?
“Have a Coke and a Smile” Did reading that make you feel warm and fuzzy? Did you imagine yourself as one of those happy people in a Coca Cola ad sharing a cool, refreshing Coke ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 296   Words: 411]

49.Yoda Speaks! 5 Success Secrets of the Master Jedi
We all know that Yoda (from Star Wars) is a great teacher of Jedi warriors, but Yoda’s wisdom can also help aspiring online marketers. Below are five of his most powerful teachings: “A Jedi’s strength ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 250   Words: 734]

50.Wanted! Desperate Online Desperados
“Okay, you desperate online desperado. I need you to give yourself up or turn around and head for the next web site. We don’t like your kind and we don’t want you spreadin your desperation around ...
[Added: 28 Jun 2005   Hits: 217   Words: 664]

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