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Too Many Cats?

By Kathie Freeman

Cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets these days, and a big question is, how many cats should a family have? For some people, one is more than enough, others have half a dozen or more. Here are some sure-fire ways to know when you've reached your limit.
You know you have too many cats when:

1. Your annual cat food bill is more than the combined Gross National Product of Liechtenstein, Andorra, and San Marino.

2. Your last three cats are named Puss, Kitty-cat, and Hey You.

3. You and your spouse are sleeping on the floor because there's no more room in the bed.

4. The cleaning lady at the vet's office calls you by your first name.

5. All your windowsills are occupied.

6. Your neighbors forget your last name and start referring to you as "you know, the cat people".

7. You have to change the vacuum cleaner bags every week.

8. You're running out of corners to put litter boxes in.

9. Even your coffee table has a slip cover.

10. The most important crop in your garden every year is catnip.

11. You can't remember what a house plant looks like.

12. Flea collars smell good to you.

13. You actually understand what your cats are saying.

14. More than half your mail comes from Purina and Friskies.

15. Every year you get a personally autographed Christmas card from Morris.

16. Your cat door has been replaced three times.

17. For Mothers Day last year the kids pooled their money and bought you an electric cat brush.

18. You thought it was the perfect gift.

Copyright 1998

Kathie Freeman is the author of Catwalk, a Feline Odyssey.
For more of her articles and short stories visit Kathie's Stories and Tails at
This article is free to use as long as the byline and this source information is included.
About the Author
Kathie Freeman is a life-long cat person who along with her husband has been owned by as many as 13 cats at once. They currently share their California home with four cats and a dog.
She is the author of "Catwalk, a Feline Odyssey", the captivating story of a wandering tabby cat and the people she meets on her journey of adventure and discovery.
Ms Freeman is also the author of "The Retro", as well as numerous short stories and articles, most of which can be read free on her website.

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