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Reasons why offset printing still exists today

By Florie Lyn Masarate

Offset is still maintaining its reign in the printing methods of today. It has proven its effectiveness over time. Even if the world has digital printing capabilities already, many people still opt for offset printing.

Why is it about offset printing that makes it an all-time favorite? Below are some of the reasons why.

1. Consistency in terms of high quality prints and images.

Offset printing uses printing plates that does not let water mix with the ink. It can be noted that when these two mix, getting the right color print is not about to happen.

In this method, whatever the texture of the paper or medium you are printing on, the plate and inks are likely to conform and adapt to it. Because of this, offset printing tends to be cleaner and sharper once the final print is made.

2. Printing plates in a jiffy.

Technology served to make the production of printing plates quite easy. You can produce as many plates as you can depending on the color that you will use.

In the past, plates were a big hindrance in the printing process. It takes a lot of time before once is created to suit the print jobs and the result that customers want.

3. Usability.

In offset printing, you have the capability of printing on any kinds of surface. It can be paper that has smooth or rough surfaces, it really does not matter. You can still achieve that desired result if you use this printing method.

4. Affordability.

The existence of many printing companies now has paved the way for offset printing to be more affordable. This is besides the fact that modern machines and tools are now making it easier for offset printing to be done.

People can only expect offset printing to become more and more accessible to them in the coming days. This is the kind of printing you need for promoting your business with something as small as a business card to bigger materials like posters.

These are the reasons why offset printing is still one of the dominating the printing industry. And with the number of people still choosing this method, it looks like it will be here to stay.

Even if everything is going digital, people can still opt for the good old printing method that has been changed, developed and is becoming better and better everyday. Trust your printing service on this.
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