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Dermatophytosis -Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

By Steve Mathew


Dermatophytosis (also called as tinea) is a superficial fungal infections is normally classified according to location on the body.Dermatophytosis is unique for two reasons: Firstly, no existing tissue is invaded the keratinised stratum corneum is simply colonized. They presence on the keratin of the skin and utilize the keratin as their source of nutrition. However, the existence of the fungus and its metabolic products generally induces an allergic & inflammatory eczematous response in the host.

Dermatophytosis may impact the scalp , the bearded skin of the face , the body, the groin, the nails, and the feet . These symptoms vary from mild inflammations to acute vesicular reactions. A number of dermatologic conditions impact the pinna. Most conditions cause injury elsewhere as well. Rarely, a disease impact the pinna alone, or the pinna is the initial site affected.


Dermatophytosis can exist by transmission directly through contact with infected wounds or indirectly through contact with affected articles like as shoes, towels or shower stalls. Another factor exist is the combination of little hot weather and tight clothing, which develops fungus production.

An allergic & inflammatory response generally results from the fungus and its metabolic product presence on the skin. The severity of the condition will be dependent on the kind of dermatophyte that occupy the skin.

Dermatophytosis infections result from number of different fungi and are very infectious . Direct contact or indirect contact with the wound will result in the wound being passed from person to person.


Dermatophytosis begins at the tip of one or more nails. Fingernail infection is much not occur generally. Examine will reveal gradual thickening, discoloration and crumbling of the nail. Eventually, the nail may be completely destroyed.

Dermatophytosis will include raised, sharply defined and itchy red wounds in the groin area that may increased to the buttocks, inner thighs and external genitalia.

The symptoms of dermatophytosis are as follow:

Depending on the condition, itchiness may be absent, or quite severe.

May be subtle or dramatic hair loss. it may be symmetric, or not.This is generally seen on the back & neck but can also occur on other parts of the body.

Crusting and scaling on the body may be severe, and thick crusts may occur on the face, ears, and nail beds.

Blackheads may be seen in some condition and may resemble chin acne.

Hyperpigmentation and redness may also appear.


In treating small, uncomplicated dermatophytosis infections located in places other than the scalp, Topical anti fungal treatment should be effective.It include clotrimazole & miconazole (available over the world) and terbinafine cream. Gently cleanse affected region, and apply cream to skin rubbing in thoroughly. Do this two times in a day.

Treatment is strongly prescribed under certain conditions, such as when:

The infected cat is in close interaction with children, elders, or immunocompromised people.

The infected cat is in close interaction with people having occupational works (i.e.,doctors, nurses, physicians).

Environmental contamination create a risk to many people, such as in an at-home daycare.

Environmental contamination create a risk to other pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) in multi pet homes.
About the Author
Steve Mathew is a writer, who writes many great articles on health diseases, conditions and ailments. There are many different topics Also there are many valuable articles written on skin disorders and other health problems. For more information you may visit his company website,

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