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Cable vs. Satellite TV: Is Satellite TV really better than Cable TV?

By Bridget Mwape

In recent years Satellite TV has become very popular and there are many reasons for this. Many people are switching from Cable TV providers to digital Satellite providers without fully understanding the main differences between Cable and Satellite. But should you switch to Satellite TV as well? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cable TV over Satellite TV or Satellite over Cable? How does Satellite TV compare to Cable TV? Which one offers more channels? Which one is cheaper? This article compares the two and helps you decide which one is best for you.

There are also other alternatives available on the market today. For example, you can now get access to hundreds of TV stations (including Satellite TV channels) by downloading and using software that allows you to turn your pc into a TV. More information about this is option is available at the end of this article.

1. Comparing the Price of Cable Vs Satellite TV

If you just want a few channels on your TV, Cable TV's low-end price is better although you'll only have access to about a third of all the channels that they have. However, Satellite TV providers' lowest packages tend to have more channels so you'll get more channels for your money. Also Satellite providers tend to charge for Satellite TV per room while some Cable providers don't. However, because Satellite TV providers don't have to pay taxes levied by local government and other smaller infrastructures, you'll get more for your money with digital Satellite TV packages.

2. What about Programming and Availability

In terms of programming, both Satellite and Cable offer similar channel packages and services. Cable TV does not reach every home; it only goes as far as their available infrastructure. If your area is not 'wired up' you may not be able to get Cable TV. But Satellite only needs an unobstructed view of the southern sky in order to receive signals. So Satellite TV is available to more homes.

3. Cable TV vs. Satellite: Do you need any special Equipment?

The main advantage with Cable TV in terms of equipment is that there's no additional equipment needed other than a television. But if you want digital programming, Cable and Satellite are similar. In addition to a converter box, a compatible television and a remote, you'll also need to install a dish for your Satellite TV. This is a huge disadvantage for renters who require Satellite TV services.

4. Other differences between Cable and Satellite TV companies

- Customer Support and Services: Satellite TV providers tend to use the internet and telephone while Cable providers use both telephone and internet in addition to their store fronts where you can change equipment, pay bills or make face-to-face complaints.

- Contracts: Some Satellite companies will require you to sign a contract and commit to a minimum subscription period while very few Cable companies require you to do this.

- Both support modern technologies such as digital, HDTV and DVR but some Satellite TV companies may require you to purchase a DVR and HD box upfront. Cable companies and some Satellite providers lease boxes on a monthly basis.

Both Satellite and Cable TV have advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will depend on what features you consider to be important for your needs. Remember you can also use your computer to access hundreds of Satellite TV channels for free.

About the Author
Copyright 2007 Bridget Mwape. For information on how to get access to hundreds of Satellite TV channels on your computer for free go to: today.

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