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Old Man, Old House, Old Car; Is this your Retirement Plan?


Do you have a retirement plan? Most people do. And if you do, what is your Retirement Plan?

Few years a go, I was a member of a multi-national MLM company and was one the many speakers in their regional convention. The guest speaker was a lady; an accountant by profession. Those two questions were her opening question to hundreds of members eagerly wanting to learn the secret of her success.

In a hall full of hundreds of motivated members, you can imagine what was the answer like for question one, it was a resounding YES, But no one dared to share their retirement plan to answer question two. What follow those two questions was quite amusing and entertaining but left majority of the members wondering for their next plan of action for their retirement.

So let me share with you what followed then; the speaker said "Everybody has a retirement plan, what is yours? Most people will have a so-called TYPICAL Retirement Plan. A typical retirement plan would be like the following and this plan includes those who do not have a retirement plan but have this by default;

Most people go to college and graduated with a degree, they then
Look for a JOB; work 40 hours a week for twenty-five days a month, 12 months a years,
Save some money, buy a car, get a date. After serious dating, they
Get married; buy a house, work harder to meet the house mortgage, then they
Have children, work even harder, the spouse may have to work to support their family;
Raise their children to college and looking forward to RETIREMENT!

Sound familiar, this is a typical retirement plan, or is this YOUR retirement plan?"

My friend if this is your retirement plan, just remember this, ten, twenty or thirty years from now, you will be an old man/woman living in an old house, driving an old car staying with an old woman/man.

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with this plan; most people would love to have such a plan, happy ever after retirement. The question here is, since you are reading this article,


Is this what you wanted in life?

Statistics had shown that majority of the people will spend all their saving or gratuity three to four years after their retirement. And many still have to work after retirement age just to get by for a living and cannot enjoy life. There is a vast different between need to work for a living and want to work for enriching life!

If you are stuck in this typpical plan, don't worry, there is always an alternative to what you are planning right now. Jim Rohn; one of my favorite motivational speaker has this piece of advice on a seminar which I attended two months ago, he said,"Every one of us must learn to have a second skillin today competitive environment in order to survive and compete." At age 70 plus, Jim still travels around the world to share his fundamental philosophy in life, not because he needed to, but he enjoyed seeing people becoming successful and reap the fruit of a more meaningful life.

Is your plan going to enrich your life as well as the lifes of others especially your loves one.

Most people go through life, working hard for a living and forget to have a life!

Starting today, why not transform your hobby, experience, knowledge or skill into an online business that might get your out from the rat race. There are countless of success stories that you can emulate on the Internet. You deserve a superior retirement plan than a typical one.

Get an alternative and gain your life back!
About the Author
SK WONG is a Chartered Marketer with a MBA in Finance. For more ideas and strategies, visit Internet Marketing Strategy for SOHO

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