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Importance of building backlinks

By Rob Ferrall

Getting other websites to link to yours is an important part of your website development. There are many reasons why a website will survive and flourish, and also a lot of reason why your website might die a premature death and have no visitors. Steady, strategic link building can help you maintain your website traffic and cause your visitors to increase as well.

Now, don't get me wrong: getting thousands of random websites to link to you might not always be a good thing. Search engines like it when a link to your website is contained on a page where the page content is relevant to your website. For instance, if you have a website about cat food, you might not want to pursue a link from a website about Indian tea recipes. Your link will not likely be seen as helpful (or relevant) to the visitor of the Indian tea recipe website, and search engines will also view this linking as non-relevant. Please understand I am not saying that non-relevant links will hurt you, only that they are not the types of links that you should pursue.

How can you get backlinks?

You can obtain backlinks for your website using a number of methods:
+Posting in forums with your website URL in your signature
+Writing reviews of products that allow you to post your URL
+Responding to blog postings
+Writing articles and submitting them with your website link in your resource box
+Submitting your website to classified ad sites
+Submitting your website to directories
+There are many more as well

What is the purpose of building backlinks?

There can be great benefit for your website with a proper link building strategy. Building backlinks to your website can:

+Cause your website to be indexed and crawled by search engines
+Increase your visitors from strategic placement of your website link
+Increase your overall search engine position for keywords or phrases
+Increase brand awareness for your name or business name. . .

Building backlinks, if done properly, can increase your website traffic significantly. It doesn't have to be hard, simply do a little at a time and you may be surprised with the results over a short period of time.
About the Author
Rob Ferrall has a SEO directory submission service that offer Friendly website submissions at an affordable rate.

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