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Mad About Your - Content Review

By Ester Rebecca del Fierro -

From Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson comes a long-running hit half-hour comedy show Mad About You!

Jaime and Paul Buchman, played by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, are already 5 months together but still don't know how to survive a married life correctly. Now living in an apartment in Manhattan, the couple is still adopting the lifestyle in the said location. Both of them find it hard to adjust because they're both screwed up on their own ways.

Jaime is a happy-go-lucky person but can be considered as an expert on the field of public relations since she fights for a space she also has a number of annoyance everyday. Paul, on the other hand is a documentary filmmaker. He is very creative and charming but thinks seriously. At their house always come visitors like Jaime's sister Lisa Stemple (Anne Ramsay), their friends Mark Devanow (Richard Kind), his wife Fran (Leila Kenzle) and Paul's cousin Ira Buchman (John Pankow). Plus they always have other unusual visitors like noisy neighbors, funny dog walker, family members, by passers, and others.

Paul Reisser, the main actor and the creator of the show, compared Mad About You in "a ride home after a party, when a couple can finally tell each other what have they been thinking all night", as the program looks for changeful moments of the people.

The mini series basically tackles how a married couple survives everyday. It's a comedy show but for some this might be the reality. Couples live everyday differently. But what makes this very interesting is that every couple can relate to its story. Even single individual can easily catch the story since it is designed for everyone to see. It's typical but not to the point that you'll get bored to this fiction.

Comedy shows really has different meaning these days. A show can be considered as a comedy if the story itself is hilarious or if the actors are acknowledged as comedians even if the script itself is not funny. Still, this show exuded simplicity with its characters, scripts, sets, etc. without sacrificing its rating. It's so wonderful how they can create shows like this.

While reading comments about this show, it really got to the point where in I'd like to watch it to know for myself if their remarks are true. I'm not being skeptic but it will really make you curious as to how the story goes with shows like this. However, ratings don't lie. This program has an exceptional ranking so as to prove that people loved this show and their asking for more. Unfortunately, the show has got to end. In the series finale, you get to see what happened to the Buchman's many years after the previous episode. You get to see a grown-up Mabel, whose first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

Sure thing this series is comical but it doesn't get away with the reality. And this are the types of show that I would really want to watch. Many movies or programs have come up today that provides either realistic story but has lots of drama on it or a comedy sitcom but is not sensible. It's kind of frustrating if you think of it but compared to mad about you, it possessed a quality story without giving up their known for as comedic adlibs.

When people watch this kind of programs, tendency is that it relaxes their minds plus they also enjoy themselves and tends to forget their problems for a short period of time. No wonder why people still chooses to watch sitcoms rather than other shows. Will this be the solution to all our problems? Maybe not! But at least you still have reason to laugh and to grin. After all, can you still afford to smile with all the problems existing today? I don't think so.
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