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The Long Financial Winter - Protect your home

By Michael Hanna

This time of year is always financially hard for families who may have over spent between Christmas and the New Year. Last year house repossessions in the 1st half of the year were 33% higher than at the end of the year. The Council of Mortgage Lenders stated that "The number of properties taken into possession rose from 3070 in the second half of 2004 to 4640 at the start of 2005"

Don't fall into the trap of taking out credit to avoid mortgage arrears

Many home owners with debt problems are lured by attractive short term 0% balance transfer rates on new credit cards as a solution to their debt problems. Jennifer Brumby from the Newcastle branch of the CCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service ) said, "People are now taking out credit to pay off their credit. But when you get that far into debt, you are really on a slippery slope. People will take out a loan to pay off their credit card and then find they haven't got enough money to survive on so they start running up their credit card bill again and the whole cycle starts over."

For most families their house is the largest purchase decision that they ever make and while the UK property market can provide an excellent long term investment opportunity, if a household is experiencing debt problems, especially mortgage arrears it is vital to address the problem before the threat of house repossession becomes a reality.

A quick property sale can provide an alternative to repossession of you home

If your mortgage is in arrears for more than a few months, your mortgage provider will usually take legal action to gain possession of the property. House repossession enables the lender to recoup the outstanding mortgage, arrears and redemption fees (where applicable) in full. In addition they will charge legal costs and court costs which can add up to several thousand pounds. Your credit rating will be badly affected following a house repossession, making obtaining credit in future – and in particular, another mortgage - much more difficult. For many people however, the worst aspect of repossession is the upheaval caused by having to find somewhere else to live at short notice, particularly when they have children settled at local schools.

So if your family spending has been overstretched and your home is under threat it makes a lot of sense to consider a company such as They will offer a quick house sale to any homeowner in the UK. They will guarantee to complete the purchase within 10 working days and you can even continue to live in your home for up to 6 months whilst finding a new property, or rent back the property until you are financially back on your feet. They can sometimes also offer a buy-back option to enable you to repurchase the property at a future date, at a pre-agreed price.

Many people struggle to understand how A Quick Sale makes money – this is explained better on A Quick Sale's FAQ page.

Struggling to sell your property after several months on the market and facing the financial threat of a bridging loan

The other time when considering having a specialist company buy your house may be appropriate is when you are moving up the property ladder and have bought your next home ahead of selling your current house. Many people who buy their homes in autumn find that the housing market is less buoyant for sellers as winter approaches. For this reason a quick house sell can provide a hassle free solution to the stress of being stuck trying to get an offer. Best of all A Quick Sale will pay all legal costs and no estate agents fees will be charged for the quick purchase of your property.

About the Author
Michael Hanna

About Michael

Michael is a keen writer, and internet marketer living in Scotland:

Contact details:

Phone: 0131 561 2251

Michael's Website: Belfast

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